Crocheted Items

Below you can see many of our popular designs. Some are in limited numbers and may not be listed on the website, so please ask us about a design you might like and we will see what we have available. At this time, we ship only to the US and Canada.

These are designed for the large mouth sized mason jars, but either size can be made. They keep cold drinks cold longer and hot drinks hot longer. Best of all, if you’re like me, you can reheat your drink in the microwave (you know that 6am coffee at 10am) and hold the glass without burning your fingers!

We’re looking at starting up a subscription package with one of these each month, but also including mug cozies. What do you think?

Crocheted Hats

All our hats are crocheted by hand. They are all easy care, just toss them in the wash, unless otherwise noted. All hats are made from a poly-blend yarn unless otherwise noted.


Snowman Hat with Earmuffs

Young child’s hat (other sizes may be special ordered). The eyes and mouth are embroidered on, the carrot nose is kept short and sewn on tight, just like the earmuffs. This is a favorite of mine! Even cuter when it’s a matching set to an older sibling, or a parent…

12.00 $


Spring Pastel Hat

This is a medium weight hat, perfect for those warmer spring days (think sugaring season). Soft and bright, pastel and almost sparkling. Easy care, just toss it in the wash.

10.00 $

Crocheted Coasters

All of our coaster sets are sold in packs of six (6) unless otherwise specified. These are all handcrafted and there may be some small variance from the photos. The essence remains the same.


Sunflower Coasters

These bright sunflower coasters are perfect for brightening up a room, or carrying summer throughout the year. These cheery flowers soak up condensation, and maybe some small spills and drips. Easy care, just toss them in the wash!

15.00 $


Heart Coasters

These lovely heart coasters are sole as a set of six (6). They make a perfect gift for your sweetheart, or for any hostess. At just 12 dollars they are a steal! They will catch any drips or condensation, and then you just toss them in the wash.

12.00 $


Tulip Coasters

This set of six (6) tulip coasters come in three colors, two each of: red, pink, and teal. Other colors may be available for a custom order. Easy care by tossing in the wash after they soak up any drips or condensation. Bring the garden inside for just $12!

12.00 $


Mixed Coaster Set

Can’t decide? Get two (2) of each: sunflowers, hearts, and tulips.These coasters are perfect for the ones who just moved into a new apartment, or the hostess. These are super easy to care for as you just toss them in the wash. So use them for all those who might spill a little, drip a little, or just have a glass covered in condensation.

14.00 $

Let’s design something together.

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