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For years, I have sewn for our family, but not items for sale. Now that I spend less time repairing and mending I have time for projects. My gain is also your gain! Here are some sweet options for you! You can find sweet hot mats here and cutlery bags. We also have reversible masks for order and reusable market totes in large numbers.

Pie Hot Mats

These sweet hot mats (just blueberry now, more “flavors” to come) are made from cotton fabrics and thread to heat-safe. Likewise, they are easy to wash, just toss them in the laundry. Grey fabric on the back for the “pie plate”, two layers of up-cycled denim, and then the cotton “berry and lattice” topping. These hot mats are the size of a dinner plat and perfectly protect your table from the fresh-from-the-oven pie you bake.

Ready for pie? Order here.

Blueberry pie shaped hot mat
Blueberry pie hot mat.

Up-Cycled, Eco-Friendly, Denim Cutlery Cases

These up-cycled denim cutlery cases are perfect to toss in a bag, store in your desk drawer, or throw in your glove box. These are large enough to carry a full set of silverware, napkin and a straw. More and more often when you order food or go to a self-serve deli for lunch, you are expected to bring your own cutlery or use their paper products. My family hates the paper straws. End the complaints and come prepared. Order yours today.

denim cutlery case
Denim cutlery case

Eco-Friendly, Reusable Market Totes

Our durable, reusable market totes are on display here. We have a variety of these totes sewn from empty feedbags and ready for your groceries! By using these grocery bags you help the environment not once but twice by keeping the empty feed bags out of the landfills and by eliminating your single-use bags. Each of these totes hold a lot, at least two to four “regular” grocery bags. They also work great for sleepovers, the beach, even picking apples!

We offer these in a subscription format, too! One new tote shipped to you every month, beginning with our Just Horsing Around Tote. Learn more about our subscriptions, here.

Made to order, EcoFriendly, and Reversible Face Masks(ships within 3-7 days)

To order your masks in your choice of color/pattern and in your choice of size, please complete this form. These masks are also $8 each and $2 S/H for a single mask, shipping and handling to be determined for multiple masks.

Let’s design something together.

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