Three Things I have learned in the First Six Months of “Really” Homesteading

Every single time you have a day planned out so you can accomplish tons, something is going to come up that takes immediate precedence and you will work on that for the majority of your time and energy and only accomplish a bare minimum of your other plan.

Book Review of TruthStone: The Truthseer Archives Book 1, by Mike Shelton

I absolutely loved Truthstone by Mike Shelton and rate it at full stars! While this book has some of the familiarity of many fantasy fiction books with gems holding powers and different sects having little bits of powers from the stones. There are also completely new ideas and unusual concepts to make this book really interesting. The action and character development entice you to read far too late into the night.

Book Review of The Immortals by Cheryl Mackey

The Immortals: Part One Shadows and Starstone by Cheryl Mackey is such a great book that I was already planning on getting the second book before I finished listening to the first. I happily rate it at full stars! In fact, I got both Book II and Book III as soon as I finished the first book. The characters are the greatest strength of this book. But the new ideas within a very popular genre were refreshing, and the tempo of the action was awesome. Also, I listened to this as an audio book and the narrator was superb.

Book Review of The Frosell Affair

I recently finished reading, The Frosell Affair by Heddy Frosell DaPonte, and I am happy to recommend this book to anyone. It took a little effort, like historical reading does, to gather an understanding of the names and places. But the writing instantly brings you into the scene and easily gives plenty of information without being overwhelming…

Book Review of Woodsbound by Miriam Khan

I highly recommend Woodsbound by Miriam Khan as 3 out of 4 stars. The writing is sound, the editing is solid, the dialog is believable, and the plotline is excellent. I found it a little too predictable a little over half way through and my attention ebbed for a bit, but then the action picks up, …

Book Review of The Glamour Years of Flying as a Stewardess by Heddy Frosell DaPonte

I urge you to read The Glamour Years of Flying as a Stewardess by Heddy Frosell DaPonte. This first person account of a young woman who became a PanAm stewardess is mesmerizing. I happily give it full stars!