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We offer a variety of items made or found on the Homestead. If you are local, we can arrange for a pick-up of fresh vegetables and herbs (seasonal), eggs, or some larger items like fence posts.

We can ship a variety of items such as sewn cutlery cases (perfect for taking your own silverware for takeout), winter hats, kitchen and living accessories, and reusable market totes. (These are also available for local pick-up.)

We are working on expanding soon! Please keep checking back. Drop us a note to request an item.

Craft Supplies

Small white duck feathers.

We love to forage and find items and this is where we offer them to you. What we have available depends on what we have found. We do our best to sanitize items before shipping.

We are likely to have: dropped feathers, pinecones, small pieces of driftwood, cool looking river/lake stones, shells, seedpods, …

Sewn Items

So many bags!

We offer a variety of sewn items, and are constantly trying new ideas. We offer a large variety of reusable market bags, including a subscription for a tote-of-the-month for a special price.

We also offer cutlery bags -perfect for carrying your own silverware in your bag or glove-box for when you eat away from home.

Crocheted Items

Snowman wearing a camo hat.

We offer a variety of crocheted items. It is easy to brighten a room with sunflower coasters, and use a can cozy so your drink doesn’t get warm. Hair scrunchies have come back in style!

We love making fun kids hats, but adults can wear them too – check the sizes we offer. Right now we really enjoy creating snowmen!

Other Crafts

We offer other items for sale, such as these cute Holiday Ornaments.

Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

Paul Simon

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About Us

Chris and Rachel live on a small homestead in northern Vermont (the Northeast Kingdom). They work with other homesteading friends to barter services and share resources.

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