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Ok guys, I don’t usually make a point to select my audience, but this bra post kinda does. I’m going to talk about women’s clothes and bras in particular. So sure, you can keep reading, and by all means share with the women in your life, but it’s ok if you scroll on by now. Thanks for visiting!

Ladies, how much do you love bra shopping? Do you actually? Please comment with your favorites then. But if not, you may find this helpful. I hate shopping in general, and clothes shopping is the worst. However, over the past year, I have found two bra suppliers that I like.


Just Strong sports bra

Just Strong

Just Strong is so awesome, in fact, that I became an affiliate. Use this code, when you are ready to order. We both get a little reward for using it. I truly believe you can find items that work for YOU, and the shipping, even though it was international for me, was really quick and reasonably priced. So, let’s recap: cute items that you want, sizing that is comfortable, quick and fair shipping,… how can you go wrong??

Ruby Ribbon

Earlier this year I bought a cami-bra from my friend, Kayla. I saw her posting about these online, and it took me a little while before I actually convinced myself to lay out the money for it. It is quite expensive, but I am soooooo glad I did. I hate underwires, and the backrolls, and the squeezing of conventional bras. I have been wearing sports bras in order to have enough support and avoid the clasps and wires. My poor girls were so squished! It’s really not healthy for normal blood flow to squish the girls in, or have constricting bands and wires. Just let those go, set your girls free! Ruby Ribbon cami

This cami is so comfortable! No wires, no bunching or rolls, no clasps. There is free moving jiggle, but yet fully supported jiggle, if that makes any sense. Lol Also, I learned a new term, and the shopaholics probably already know it, but I learned about “petals”. The cami can be worn with or without petals, depending on your nippage level. I always just called them “inserts” or “cup inserts” but “petal” sounds more feminine, doesn’t it? Furthermore, I recommend Ruby Ribbon and the amazing customer service I received from Kayla because either I measured wrong, or my sizing changed as I was right on the cusp. The first cami I received was comfortable, but had some bulge. I was really looking forward to the sleekness of it, so I was bummed. It was super easy to exchange though, and the size up is fantastic! Go ahead, spend the extra money, it’s worth it! You and your girls will be healthier and happier!

Shopping for more than bras

If only all online clothes shopping were as easy as these two companies. I ordered sandals from two different companies this spring and neither was quite what I expected. Sizing was good, but the materials weren’t quite right. Or, I went looking for new pants on ThredUp. I ordered four shirts and only one is exactly what I thought. The one I was really excited for is so close to how it was shown, but not quite. That makes it even more disappointing, to be so close and yet so far. I hate to say it, but Amazon is actually the one most accurate for clothes. Once upon a time we had local stores to buy clothes, but now because of the economy in general and then Covid, our local clothing stores are either Ocean State Job Lots, dollar stores, or a feed store. Even JC Penny’s left and we never had other big names. 

Your recommendations

So what is your favorite online clothes-shopping site? Why do you like them?

When was the last time you bought a bra that you actually liked the looks and the feel?

My recommendations

Remember, use this code at www.juststrong.com, where I got my sports bra, or have Kayla help you with a cute, I-wanna-wear-this-every-day bra, here.

Other links you might find helpful are on our Helpful Links Page.

And because if you’re going shopping you might as well go in style with your new tote bags through our Monthly Tote Subscription (these area great gift, too!). We have so many more patterns than what is shown. Someday we’ll get all the photos uploaded, in the meantime let us know what animals or birds you like best.


  1. Such as important topic and not talked about anywhere near enough! After a decade of terrible gaping with every bra, I discovered Timpa. They’re based in France and cater so women with smaller breasts. They fit like a dream!! I have several of both the padded and simple lace demi, and it’s the first time I’ve felt like I look good or sexy in a bra, as opposed to childish because I can’t it in. If any smaller-breasted women are interested, size up in Timpa (e.g., if you’re typically 32A, order a 34B).

    For sports bras, I swear by Patagonia. Barely and Beta styles are great! I’ll be checking out your recommendations–good bras are so hard to come by, so it’s always great having suggestions.

  2. I struggle so much with bra shopping because my breasts are large. I’m definitely going to look into all the brands you mentioned. Thanks for sharing

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