Parallel Worlds by Rachel Roy

Coming July 6th!

In the enthralling fantasy novel, Parallel Worlds, two parallel worlds exist side by side, unbeknownst to most of their inhabitants. The captivating heroine, Arichel, exists in both realities, navigating the delicate balance of her passionate love and her duties as a queen within her kingdom. As she attempts to maintain equilibrium for all her people, the border separating the two worlds begins to weaken, threatening to destroy both realms.

As the enchanted buffer disintegrates, children from both worlds are mysteriously kidnapped, and cryptic riddles are left behind in their stead. Desperate to crack the code and save their worlds from impending doom, Arichel and her court must band together with the kings and queens of various kingdoms, drawing upon their collective wisdom and strength to confront the sinister force behind the kidnappings.

Throughout this gripping, fast-paced journey, alliances are forged, betrayals are uncovered, and Arichel learns that saving her worlds may require her to choose between her lover and her devoted husband. Readers will be spellbound by the intricate details of both worlds, their unique cultural nuances, and the engrossing characters who struggle to maintain the delicate balance of their two parallel existences.

Parallel Worlds is a powerful, stirring tale of love, sacrifice, and the cataclysmic collision of worlds. As Arichel faces unthinkable choices and confronts the shadowy presence menacing her realms, she must ultimately decide between the fate of her heart and the future of her worlds.

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