Snowman hat (adult)


Handcrafted, adult snowman hat to keep you warm and add whimsey to your day. Warm, lightweight, and easy care!


This adorable winter hat changes you into a snowman! You’ll be cheery warm and sharing smiles all day! Lightweight, super soft, and cozy, this hat brings a smile to every face!

This fantastic winter snowman hat is made from a baby blanket style yarn so it is incredibly soft and warm, but very lightweight. The hat itself is more than a 1/4″ thick, but is featherlight.

Even those of us who don’t like to wear hats, won’t feel encumbered by this cute snowman face!

All of our snowman hats have a white snow base, a handcrafted yellow/orange nose sewn on, and black hand sewn eyes and smile. Each face is slightly unique. Please contact us if you would like a custom eye color, it would be done in the same style, but we’re happy to give your snowman blue eyes or green eyes or brown eyes…

We also offer snowman hats with the snowman wearing a winter hat! Please see our other listings. The color of that winter hat upon the snowman’s head is also customizable depending upon yarn availability (processing time may be longer).

Would you like a whole family of snowmen? We have children’s hats also!

Our hats are easy to care for – when the hat needs to be washed simply drop it in the regular laundry wash, then air dry or tumble low.

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