And what to do next?

Wild strawberries of summer

Often I choose what to do next by what is “absolutely urgent” such as escaped animals, or a fridge not working, or people in the family wanting to eat. Every day, multiple times a day, they want to eat. Geesh!

Other times, I have a plan, a to do list that is somewhat prioritized. Other times the weather dictates my actions. Today we got the lawnmower fixed so I decided to pick the wild strawberries near the grass so they wouldn’t be destroyed. Poof! The next two hours of my day disappeared as I picked and then cleaned three bowls of wild strawberries. I didn’t really have a plan for the afternoon but picking and cleaning those berries were not on it.

Of course I’ve been planning on sorting and cleaning feathers on a rainy day for about four rainy days now. Where are the feathers? Why still sitting on my counter, of course. Actually, excuse me a moment while I go stick them in the freezer at least to kill off some potential nasties by freezing them for a few days.

Special Tasks

  • Make kids’ eye appointments
  • Bake cookies
  • Clean feathers
  • New blog post
  • Article submitted
  • Car registration
  • Find market bag pattern
  • Finish truck scarf

(Almost) Daily Tasks

  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Meal prep
  • Did I mention laundry?!
  • Transporting kids
  • Where did those dishes come from?!?
Summer fun at the lake

I love the sun, and working in the sun, but I love sunny days at the lake too. It’s all about balance, and sometimes the mental balance is more important than the To-do List.

Willoughby Lake, Vermont at sunset

You probably have something relatively urgent, something that just has to be done, and maybe time for you to pop over to My Pinterest Board for some ideas.

So what are the next items on your plan?

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