been absent a while…

So you might have noticed that we have been absent for a while. Summer is blissful and has more time. Then Chris started working full time plus overtime, all the kids went back to school (three different schools), and Rachel started work at a school the day before classes began. That left no prep time. But things are again taking on a “normal” rhythm – the fact that falls sports have finished probably helps with that.

We now have a regular purchaser of eggs, a sweet cafe in St. Johnsbury: Bread and Butter Cafe . We still donate a dozen eggs weekly to the Burke Senior Mealsite. The cafe is also able to donate some of their food scraps to reduce our feed bill, and I’m sure it helps their waste costs as well. At this time, we don’t take their egg shells, but we can anytime we want to, should we decide to dry and grind the shells as extra calcium for the ladies. Soon, we’ll butcher the ducks and turkeys. We plan to expand the flock with more layers and possibly more turkeys in the spring.

We have a good routine when it comes to upcycling market bags from grain bags. We have started making a few sales on Etsy, grown our presence on social media via Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. We hope to continue growing these. We have considered some other social media like MeWe or Twitter, but they don’t seem necessary yet.

We hope to start blogging at least once a week again. We would love to know what you are most interested in hearing from us. Please drop us a line and let us know!

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