Finding Calm in the Chaos

Some days I feel like my life is under control, other days I feels immensely inadequate…

Ever have a crazy day? Crazy week? Month? Decade? You do have time to breathe, right? Yeah, my days are crazy too. Here’s my typical day, although my husband’s start time varies a little.

  • 4:35 alarm goes off so we have time to chat and cuddle
  • 4:50 alarm goes off so we get up
  • Stir up wood stove (winter only)
  • Make his lunch and my lunch, possibly my breakfast too.
  • Make coffee
  • Feed and water cats
  • Unlock coop, then feed and water barnyard fowl.
  • Find whatever he can’t find or has misplaced
  • Prep lunch snacks
  • Shower, brush teeth, etc
  • Load up stove for the day (winter only)
  • 6:10 wake up first child
  • Check email
  • Confirm first child is up and moving
  • Get dressed in work clothes not barn clothes
  • Post five comments to Instagram
  • 6:30 wake up second child
  • Pack my bag
  • Confirm second child is moving
  • Start car (winter only)
  • Wake last two children
  • 6:40 get us out the door (first two children)
  • 6:50 drop off first child at our friend’s for him to drive her to school where he teaches.
  • Run an errand (fill car with gas, buy feed, donate eggs, etc. varies by day)
  • 7:05 wait at elementary school with second child
  • 7:10 drop off second child
  • 7:15 pick up other children at home and drive to their school
  • 7:30 drop off last two children
  • 7:45 arrive at work
  • work/multitask
  • 3:15 leave work
  • Some days I just go home, some days I go to the high school and pick up two kids then go home. 
  • Run an errand perhaps
  • At home unload car
  • Stir up fire (in winter)
  • Chicken water & collect eggs, maybe clean coop
  • unload/load dishwasher
  • Hand wash pans or clean a room
  • Load fire (winter)
  • Prep dinner
  • Help with homework
  • Dinner & clean up
  • Homework
  • 7:00 Mon-Wednesday leave to pick up oldest child who has an evening class for a few more weeks. Other nights may have sports events or school dances or whatever for any and all children.
  • 8:00 home for the night
  • Computer work
  • Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest leave comments, repin, help other small business owners
  • 9:00go to bed and read
  • 9:30-10 try to fall asleep

Weekends are just as busy, but sometimes I get to drink wine too.

So when am I supposed to crochet or sew? Just tonight I wanted to complete a couple market bags, but everyone else was in bed by 7:00 so I feel bad running the loud sewing machine. Instead, I am doing computer work. Maybe I can get some sewing in tomorrow morning. Right now I have 26 bags I need to complete, plus I know I need to do a few more for bartering. I would really love to get more than this and try to sell them locally. And I might actually sell some more through Etsy… I also want to crochet some more items that I can also use as gifts and to sell.

I do have a few cheats in my life that I use. I absolutely LOVE Amazon  Prime Pantry that delivers groceries right to my house. I can order them tonight and they will be here the day after tomorrow. Everything from drink powder to toothpaste, cases of soda to olive oil, mac n cheese to crackers. I really detest grocery shopping, but this isn’t bad, especially when I can just click “reorder”. Some school snacks are already pre-packaged like beef sticks, some come in large containers like Goldfish Crackers ® . These large containers I portion out every few days, so there is variety in the house. I portion, the kids pack their own. The only bad thing is not having fresh meat or produce. I can, however, order online at my local grocer. They collect it all, charge my card, bag it, and have it ready for the slight fee of $5. Um, yes, when times are crazy!

My weekends are crazy busy too, but I try to carve out time every weekend to do some meal prep. If I am totally on my game I can make ahead 1-2 casseroles/freezer meals and 1-2 soups. These become pull and heat meals during the week, which makes dinners far easier. At the very least having a plan makes it easier even if I haven’t prepped anything yet.

I tend to wear the same 5 outfits that mix and match every week to work. The only way this would be easier, is if I had a uniform (I’m glad I don’t).

So what are your tricks to stay sane?

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