Book Review of Through Dragon’s Fire by A.N. Miller

cover of the book listing Through the Dragon's Fire across a photo of a young woman

I confidently rate Through Dragon’s Fire by A.N. Miller as 4 out of 4 stars*. The book is well written and very well edited. The story line is solid with excellent character development, a strong storyline, plenty of adventure and a little romance sprinkled in.

The reader follows Amara through her coming of age. This strong character is realistic as we see firsthand her determination, but also her misgivings, uncertainties, mistakes, hopes, and perseverance. By seeing everything through her eyes, there is uncertainty in the beginning, but it slowly all makes sense. Just as she has been thrust into a new world, so has the reader, so we learn together all the history, the customs, and the current events.

The book begins like so many fantasy stories with a poor family in a poor village. The main character has not only an economically tough life, but is also bullied by the villagers. She escapes by her dear mother telling stories. Predictably, one soon learns that her mom is not actually her mother and the girl begins her quest. A reader likes to have a firm foundation to start a quest, so this predictability is fine as we are building knowledge about the character and the setting. It is also predictable that young knights will want to slay the evil dragon, but the story holding it all together is much more unique.

I enjoyed this book and very happily recommend it for most schools, libraries, and homes. The language is very appropriate, there are no gratuitous scenes, or extreme violence. There is a little romance, but it is very YA appropriate. 

*Full disclosure, this link brings you through my Amazon Affiliate link to this book. However I read the book, wrote my review on Amazon, and this review before finding my AA link to this book.


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