June Olympic Games Reading Challenge

A couple days ago I became aware of the third Annual House Cupathon – a Harry Potter themed reading challenge. This may be my favorite reading challenge that I have seen so far. Of course, this might be because I had decided that I wanted to reread some of the books during this lockdown, so I already had The Prisoner of Azkaban downloaded on my Kindle app. What is also cool about this challenge is that it is based upon earning points for the length of each book read but also other prompts such as “The Flying Car: Road trip! Read a book that involves a journey.” or “Mandrakes: Protect your ears and listen to an audio book.”


I learned that there is a similar challenge for Camp Halfblood as well! The Olympic Games! You can find information and updates about this on Twitter.  This is so much better organized. I actually sent the link for this to other Humanities teachers I know. I wish I had known about this sooner, but that’s ok. This has a google form associated with it to complete to chart your progress.

There is a welcome letter from Chiron. Then you must pick your team which gives you challenges based upon your chosen team. There are also advanced challenges that you may complete as well.

I waffle between Team Aries and Team Athena. I think I’m choosing Athena though as she speaks to me more. 


Team Athena Mandatory Challenges:

Read a book out of your comfort zone. (Jump Girl – I don’t usually read memoirs)

Read a book featuring a school. (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

Read the longest book on your TBR. (at almost 12 hours, the audio book of The Fate of the Fallen)

Read a book by your favorite author.

Read a book with a bird on the cover.

Team Athena’s Advanced Challenges:

Sword & Shield – A book about a character whom you would not get along with.  (Secret Harbor)

Capture the Flag – One of your most anticipated books. (The Faerie Plague) 

Monster Fighting – A book featuring magical creatures. (The Tree)

Pegasus Riding – A book published in the past five years. 

So, in June, I am reading:

Jump Girl by Salicrow

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rollins

The Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade

[book by favorite author]

[book with bird on the cover]

Secret Harbor by Michael J Moore

The Faerie Plague by Michelle Madow

The Tree by Jo Ann Rothenbush-Thompson

[Something published in the last five years]

And some others as I’m asked to do reviews.

I struggled a lot trying to do a reading challenge in which I was supposed to read a book from each decade for the past hundred years – it sounds wide open but some decades were difficult. I do well at challenges to read as many books as you can, but I like longer books usually. Hence the higher points for longer books was handy in the Cupathon at the beginning of this post. I wanted something more interesting and personalized. This theme sounds exciting!

What has been your favorite reading challenge?


  1. I’m taking part in this too! I’m Team Artemis but it’s one of the first read-a-thons I’ve ever taken part in. So far, I’ve only read one book but I’ve been really enjoying it so far. You’ve got some great books on you TBR list and I hope you are able to complete the challenges and read them all.

  2. I have never done a book challenge (though I go though a couple of books each week). I will have to look into it and see what team speaks to me. Are you letting down your team if life gets in the way and you don‘t get finished?

    1. You won’t let down your team, you can only raise them up. I really liked this challenge as the books at the top of my TBR could be fit into it and then I’ll find more books to read anyway, it’s a challenge to find ones that I want that will fit the prompts.
      It’s just for fun, so have fun with it!
      I also like this challenge because the different teams have different challenges. Aries for example seems to have less length than Athena, befitting their personalities, so hopefully you can find a team that fits with your life.

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