The School Year Ended, Now What?

So the kids are out of school, the various schools ended between the last week of May and June 9th. My employment through the school ended as of June 17 (and the checks shortly after). It also means that we have more time at home with fewer requirements upon us. 

Immediate Goals:

  1. In depth, clean out of our bedroom.
  2. In depth, clean up of the basement.
  3. Finish planting the garden (this has been purposely staggered so that the harvest is staggered to be manageable)
  4. Plenty of water play (local lakes and rivers)
  5. Lots of bags sewn and sold
  6. More books and book reviews
  7. Forage berries and such
Collage of a pictures of the beach, a duck, and a market tote with the hashtag "Schoolisovernowwhat?"

Longer Summer Goals

  1. Canning fruits and vegetables as they come into season.
  2. Buy a freezer
  3. Other sewing projects for home and sale
  4. Crochet items for sale
  5. Reading with the youngest to help him with his summer homework
  6. Write one homesteading blog post a week (and one book related a week)
  7. Writing fiction
  8. Put up 7 cords of wood

It was just after the school year ended for the kiddos that the Vermont AOE (Agency of Education) approved students to attend school in the buildings (not distance learning) for the fall. We are so relieved and happy about this. We know that it will look different for all of us with temperature checks before entering the building (even before getting on the bus), smaller class groups, and masks all day, but we’ll all deal. If we could deal with distance learning, we can deal with all other schooling challenges.

There are many other daily and weekly tasks, but these are solidified immediate short and long term goals. They could be a little more specific (SMART) to be more easily accountable, but I’m content with these as written.


  1. Love this! I need to make a list – I think it will help to prioritize what I want to get done and accomplish this summer… otherwise I’ll spend the entire time binge-watching Netflix… and that’s never good.

  2. Some fantastic goals you have set there, schools have all majority been closed in the UK due to the pandemic, not sure if it’s affected you,
    If it has how did you find homeschooling.

    1. In the US schools closed also. In my situation, I have a college student, 2 high school students, and a 12 year old. Finding enough time to help each of them was challenging but luckily they could all work relatively independently. The biggest challenge for them, and for me teaching from home was our slow internet (my students and coworkers struggled with this also).
      We truly hope to be back in classrooms this fall!

  3. So glad your schools are reopening! That will be something to look forward to while you whittle down the list. I am intrigued by „writing fiction“. Do you have an idea already or are you just starting?

  4. Wow, you’re going to be busy! I’m hoping to do some fiction writing myself, but I imagine this will take up a big chunk of my time. More poetry too. Sadly though, I think my wife wants some decorating done!

  5. I have some cleaning to do as well and would love to have berries to forage for (unfortunately not in a good home to grow them at the moment). Looks like a great list!

    1. I wish I were growing blueberries at home. There are a few wild ones I pick, but mostly I pay to pick those. Raspberries though-that we have, plus I have other properties we can go pick at. I LOVE fresh berries!

  6. We homeschool and some summers we keep going, others we take off. This summer we’re still doing a few things each day to stay caught up. All our usual summer plans for activities got scotched thanks to coronavirus.

    1. We all definitely needed a break. Homeschooling will probably be very popular this fall. Most kids were not successful distance learning, but a curriculum based on their interests at their pace…I’m considering it for one of mine. But I know that he craves his social time!

  7. I love the idea of not only writing goals down but putting them on your blog to make you more accountable! I also love breaking it down by immediate and longer goals. Such a great idea! Also staggering the gardening is GENIUS! I’m definitely doing that next year. Thanks for posting!

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