Crafting Challenge Day 11

Here is our month long crafting challenge! I am not posting every day, none of us need to be glued to our screens every day. I intend to post every few days with a small challenge or question. Respond to each of these posts (don’t worry, you can go back in the history to make sure you haven’t missed any!) and be entered to win a small prize! You can only enter once per post (though you can comment as much as you want)/per social media platform. In other words, you may respond to the same prompt on: our blog, Instagram, or Facebook. 

Building off of Day 7’s share, set yourself a goal to complete a WIP. Tell us what the project is, what your deadline is, and how you will achieve this. What is your biggest obstacle? For me, time often seems to be an “enemy” rather than an “opportunity”. There are always homework questions, dirty dishes, transport issues, a dirty corner, animal care, ….

My goal is to finish four sets of five bags each to ship to an online vendor. I hope to have this completed by this weekend.

Sewing an empty grainbag into a reusable market tote. This one has an image of wheat on the front.
Sewing one of my Reusable market totes.

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