Book Review of Sleep, Robin Hood (ARC)

I was given this ARC (advanced reader copy) of Sleep Robin Hood (Outlaws Book Three) by MC Frank in exchange for an honest review. I’m always a mix of excited and concerned with an ARC. I love reading a brand new book, that hardly anyone has heard of yet, but sometimes they are really rough. This book quickly alleviated my fears and was easy and pleasing to read. 

This book is a retelling of the exploits of Robin Hood and his merry band, which makes it easy to learn the characters, most of us are already familiar with the Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin, Will, Little John, etc. What makes this interesting is the new slant to these characters, I never think of Robinhood as being hesitant or unsure. The narrator though, seems like a new character. She’s being pulled in so many directions by different factions and emotions. In this case, me jumping into the series on Book Three made this a little confusing, but not insurmountable.

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