Support Your Independent Short-Story Authors is awesome, see why

I recently found this totally awesome site: It is a place for readers and writers to come together for their pleasure, at no cost, and enjoy each other’s talents at NO COST! That doesn’t happen much anymore. 

Stories I liked

After about a week on I did read one story that I just didn’t enjoy, but on the flip side I read one poem that I really liked and I don’t even like poetry! Overall, I’ve found a bunch of short stories that were fun. is full of short stories, so when you need something quick in a spare moment or when you just don’t want to settle down, this is perfect. You can either choose the story to read by what has been pinned to the front page or you can choose by genre. Once you have some favorite authors you can search just their works as well.

What I like best is how interactive the site is. There are comments and conversations between readers and the authors. This is encouraged through a points system with more comments equaling more points. Moreover you earn points by rating stories and nominating them for a future publication. There are many sites with short stories, but that I know of with this much interaction.

Calling reading teachers and parents

I definitely recommend this site to Reading teachers. One would want to pre-read the stories for maturity level, but they are family friendly. PG13 or PG-Mature, nothing rated R. I wish I had known about it sooner!

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