I need your feedback

screenshot of daily vella stats in the morning

I need your help with these. I’ve been playing around making some videos to promote my stories, but it is not my forte. The first one is really short, the second really long, which length do you like better? What is it that grabs your attention in videos first (in general, not these in particular)?


  1. An interesting image can get me to click on the video. I generally prefer to see who is talking as oppose to just a voice over. From what I’ve read shorter videos are better. If I’m interested in the topic, I generally don’t care how long the video is. Talking to these 2 videos, in the first one “Growing Up As Fairies” popping up caught my attention. I was unable to play the second video. Probably a problem with my computer as this has happened in others’ posts. Hope it goes well.

  2. The second one, but ditch the background, male it all fit the screen and cut the time in half. The first one I don‘t see the connect between the story/fairies and the computer. Length is fine, but I‘d do a big picture of
    fairies with „Growing up fairies“ then reduce the size of the text and fly in where/how to get it. Could be a couple of seconds longer to fit.

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