Author Interview with Brittany Moore

Brittany Moore is a cool author that I “met” on Facebook. As you will see, she is full of creative energy! She has an awesome goal of releasing multiple books a year, and you can find her first book on preorder now!

Let’s get started!

How did you know you had this book in you? 

I was actually working on an entirely different project. I have a 4 book epic fantasy that I was working on. I was going through alot at the time and had a random dream… the breakdown and EVERYTHING for that book was in the dream… even the word count, character name, and title. I felt like I HAD to write it…. and I did… a month after the dream… I wrote it in 2 weeks. 🤣🤣

That’s absolutely awesome! Dreams can be an amazing release of creativity. 

Can you describe your writing process?

If you haven’t gathered, I am a total dreamer… (pun intended lol) 😜 sooo I am naturally a complete pantser. I write off feeling… and inspiration… then go back through and edit. I usually go till I lose momentum, then start from the beginning edit, and by the time I get to the chapter I was at after editing I pick up the momentum again to keep going. It’s very sporadic to be honest.

Maybe sporadic, but it seems to be working, so…who cares! You do you and your own process.

How do you know your piece is ready to be shared/complete?

Not going to lie, again based off feeling. It’s gone through 4 edits by me, my editor, and two beta readers, and again through me.

Who is reading?

Who is your expected audience?

Women and young adults, also christian based, but gritty christian, because let’s face it, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Who has been your strongest supporter?

My husband and my mom and two close friends.

I love when family is our strongest supporters!

Challenges, we all have them.

What is your greatest challenge in writing?

Grammar. I am HORRIBLE with grammar. Atrocious I tell you!

That’s ok, grammar is easy enough to fix.

What surprised you in the writing process?

The release after being done… like a character is no longer stuck in my head griping at me. 😅😅

It’s an amazing feeling to have a story complete. I love it!

Is there a tool or something that you found particularly helpful?

Music is my mood maker, mood bringer, and character designer… the right song for me writes the story. Also, my saving grace and easy maker was Pro Writing Aide. My gosh that made my life easier!!

You are not alone, so many writers swear by it.

I know we tend to write what we know, but did you need to do research for this book?

Not for this book, I mean I did have to read through the Bible and re-read the woman at the well… but that was more for memory jogging, not really research.

The influencers

If you could have any author (alive, dead, or fictional) read your book, who would you like to read it?

Oh gosh… that’s incredibly difficult… this book isn’t really like anything I have read before, I usually read fantasy, paranormal, or things of that nature, so I feel like my favorite authors wouldn’t really get into it… but if we’re being honest, even though I’m sure it’s not her genre, I would LOVE JK Rowling to read it. 😉😄😅

I know, I think this is one of my hardest questions. That’s why we warm up with process and audience first. But really, as a reader, it’s one of the things that brings a writer to life for me and not some shadowy figure behind the scenes. 

What author, or book, or series most influenced you?

Because of the need I am… Harry Potter!! I started it when I was 8. It’s what got me into writing

Tell us more:

What else is important to share about your book?

So, my book “Lost And Found, (Saved By Grace) it comes out July 31st this year. It focuses on the journey of a woman who despises God and blames him for everything, but when God speaks to her through her father’s journal’s she transforms into someone able to stand on her own two feet. It’s meant to inspire and uplift those closely impacted by loss, addiction, parenthood, and faith.

When can we expect more from you?

I’m looking at publishing at least 8 books a year, possible more. I have ideas and projects coming out of my ears meant to rapid release! So expect “great things” quite often. Not “terrible things though” 😂🤔😜

Oh my gosh, 8 a year!? You go girl!

Where can we find your book?

It’s on pre-release through Barnes and Noble and will be on pre release through Amazon as well for ebook.

Where can we find you?

Facebook is my go to!


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