Author Interview with Kataya Moon

Welcome back to our author interviews! Today we have a chat with Kataya Moon. She quickly answered all of our questions and deserves your time. Also, she has a book release very soon!! (psst, August 15th her book releases)

We want to meet you!

How did you know you had this book in you? This novel was started over a year ago. Then put aside for others. At the time my thought process was if there’s people out there like me that enjoys reading smut then I should concentrate on writing one. 

Can you describe your writing process? I’ve learned my way of writing is called pantseer. I go with the flow. It’s hard to follow an outline. Ideas pop into my head and my characters either love them or hate them. 

Time to share

How do you know your piece is ready to be shared/complete? It actually depends on the novel. I’ve dreamed of the epilogue on my last novel for several days. I wasn’t ready for it to end but my characters were, before that I usually start procrastinating and crying for my previous two. I don’t think it’s normal but for me it’s how I can tell it’s time to start winding down. With my current one I’m not sure how it’ll go. 

Who is your expected audience? Adults, the current one I’m working on is an erotica romance. Lots of smut involved in this one. 

Who has been your strongest supporter? My mom and best friend. Sadly my mom will never be able to read any of my works.


Writing Challenges

What is your greatest challenge in writing? I’d say these two are tough for me. Following an outline and staying on schedule. 

Is there something in particular that you found particularly helpful? Listening to music helps me write. It helps me focus, otherwise I’m like a scatter brained squirrel. 


I know we tend to write what we know, but did you need to do research for this book? Yes

If so, what was the coolest or most surprising thing you learned? I’ve had to research treatments for sexaholic and sex addicts. The two are different by only a little but their treatments are the same as alcoholics anonymous. 🙈the porn industry, years prior the industry was much more relaxed about protection and sexual health. Std’s were rampant back then. 


Who and what has influenced you?

If you could have any author (alive, dead, or fictional) read your book, who would you like to read it? Zane, another erotica novelist. 

What author, or book, or series most influenced you? Growing up it was Zane on erotica but I’m mostly influenced by everything. anything I read, watch, hear, all of it influence me.


Robyn’s books

What else is important to share about your book? There will be talks of male sexual assault. It’s not widely talked about an there’s those out there that don’t believe it can happen. I want to make aware than men also can be victims whether sexually or domestic violence. It’s sad when any of that happens to anyone. Other than that this story is wild from beginning to the end. 

When can we expect more from you? That depends on the novels. I already have 12 on my work in progress list. 

Where can we find your book? Amazon Kindle August 15th is the release day. 

Where can we find you? Facebook- kataya moon, Instagram- kataya.moon.writes, tiktok- kataya moon, Twitter, and Tumblr. I’m still getting the hang of all the social media available to me.

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