Author Interview with Frances Everly

Welcome to the Frances Everly or FD Everly author interview! She writes in two genres – contemporary romance and fantasy romance. She’s here to share some of her writing process and inspirations with us.

We Want to Know How You Make the Magic


Can you describe your writing process? I usually put on a movie that I’ve seen a thousand times and still love (like The Hunger Games or Harry Potter), or put on some music (like Our Lady Peace) open my laptop and write. Usually after the kids are in bed or at school.

We all need a little support

Who has been your strongest supporter? My mom. I was super nervous about sharing my first book with her, it’s kind of graphic lol, but I needed to share it with someone I trusted. If I hadn’t taken that step, I probably would never have finished writing my first book.

What is your greatest challenge in writing? Time. I’m a busy mom of two young, and very active boys. I also work full-time in healthcare so finding time to myself is rare.

What surprised you in the writing process? The querying and marketing you have to do. I’m still learning about all of these aspects of being an author. 

Is there something that you found particularly helpful? Joining author support groups like Moms Who Write, has been super helpful. I’ve learned so much and most author’s I’ve encountered in my journey have been incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. 

Time to hit the research, but don’t fall down a rabbit hole!

I know we tend to write what we know, but did you need to do research for this book? Yes. The Phoenix Crown Saga requires so much research, particularly for the books following The Phoenix and the Fae as my FMC travels back to post-Roman Britain and finds her King Arthur.  I had no idea there was so much information on the Fae Folk! 

Who or what has influenced you?

A couple of years ago, I had the fabulous opportunity to attend an author reading with one of my favorite authors, Susanna Kearsley. I’ve read nearly all of her books and dragged them all with me to the signing to get autographed. I think my shoulder was going to fall off by the time I moved up in the line, lol. But she said a few things that resonated with me with so much force that I couldn’t ignore it. The first was to stop saying I want to be a writer, and start calling myself a writer. Now I never stop thinking of myself that way. The second was that she let someone else read her work for the first time, and that’s what helped encourage her to finish. Then that same person challenged her to get it published, and she did. So I nominated my mom to be my first reader, and I challenged myself to finish my book and then get it published. The third thing she said hit me the hardest, and here’s why.

When I graduated from University, my grandmother gave me this gorgeous silver bracelet with onyx embedded in it. Her reasoning for that was because it was supposed to keep me grounded. I loved that bracelet but I rarely wore it because I loved living up in the clouds. When she passed away a few years later, I put that bracelet on and I never took it off. It was the only way I could think of at the time to keep her close to me. I stopped writing after that.

Five years later, the clasp broke, and I was driving my husband nuts with all my daydreaming. We’d be having a conversation and I would drift off with my imagination. Staring at absolutely nothing, while I got lost in my own head. 

When I met Ms. Kearsley, she mentioned that her characters would often do this to her as well. I believe her actual words were along the lines of “my characters won’t shut up until I tell their story.” So that’s what I did. I stopped daydreaming about my first MMC Xander Hawkins. I started writing again and before I knew it I’d finished my first novel. 

What else should we know?

What else is important to share about your book? I write in two genres. My first is contemporary romance as Frances Everly. My second and newer genre is fantasy romance as F.D. Everly.

When can we expect more from you? The Phoenix and the Fae released June 22, 2022 under F.D. Everly, and I’m releasing Wild Hearts and Dragonflies August 17th, 2022 under Frances Everly

Where can we find your book? Ebooks are available at most retailers. Paperbacks, however, can only be found on Amazon at this time. 

Where can we find you? I’m on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok. You can find all the links to my social media pages, website, and newsletter here

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