Coming soon-my homesteading book!

I know, I have taken a bit of a break from this blog and this website. I truly apologize! Thanks for waiting for me, I appreciate it!!

At the fairly last minute I agreed to teach again this school year and that seriously cut into my personal time. However, I was determined to keep writing and creating books so my focus has been on that.

To that end, the one of writing not teaching, I have finished the rough draft of three mini books about homesteading that I am combining into one “longform,” or one “regular” book. I am currently editing AGAIN and finding appropriate photos to add. While I am on this stage I am looking to see if you want to be involved.

I am looking for my first ARC team members. These are the kind souls who receive an Advanced Reader Copy of my book for free, to read and give feedback. Bonus points if you share it on your social media or write a short review on Amazon or other book sites.

As I said, I’m still editing, but please let me know if you would be interested in ARC reading part or all three! Sign up here. Or you can go to my author page for more information. I can send you the ARC as each part is ready or you can receive all three combined – your choice! I am looking for the veteran homesteaders, the hobby homesteaders, the dreamers, and anyone who likes to read. You don’t need any special skills, I just want to know what you think. And if you find any errors or sections to clarify. Let me know if I’m missing something.

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