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This is three short books in one, each focusing on a different aspect of becoming successful in Homesteading. This book allows you to choose and use what you need whether you are dreaming of being a hobby homesteader or completely self-sufficient.

The first section has what you should consider as you first start homesteading. You need to consider everything from who cares for the roads, to where your water sources are, to how you want to retire. The second section has a focus on incomes through your homestead. You may want a lot of diversified incomes, but this walks you through the process of choosing what will be best for you. The third section includes recipes that we have found among our favorites as we live the homesteading life.

Here is the book!

This is an ARC (advanced reader copy) and may be different from the final copy that is printed. I do intend to add more photos especially among the recipes. You have received this free copy to enjoy and to offer me suggestions on how to improve the book. If you are willing to review it as well, that would be incredibly appreciated.

I have three ARCs currently available if you are interested!

Nonfiction homesteading

Middle Grade children’s fairy story

Adult fantasy romance

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  1. Love it
    This book seems like a great resource for anyone interested in homesteading! The different sections provide a comprehensive guide for beginners and those seeking to expand their income potential. The addition of recipes is a nice touch and it’s great that the author is open to feedback from readers.
    Eamon O’Keeffe
    Live Free Offgrid

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