Reusable, Eco-Friendly Market Totes


Reusable market totes are eco friendly as they are sewn from empty, local feed bags. Each tote has a double seam on the bottom and the handles for durability. These cute totes are easy to clean and sanitize. collage of a variety of market totes sewn from feed bags


These eco-friendly, reusable market totes are shopping bags made from an up-cycled feedbag from a local farm, stable, or our own chickens. The photos on these totes are mostly of farm animals: chickens to cows, horses to goats. Please state your design preference.

The bottom of the bag and the handles are sewn with double seams for durability. These hold plenty (they used to hold 50# of grain!) whether you use them for groceries, a day at the beach, or an afternoon at the apple orchard.

These totes fold flat for storage and are easy to clean and sanitize!

You must note which bag(s) you wish to purchase. I also have a few not shown, tell me what you are looking for.

Additional information

Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 cm

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