Yeah, so I’m terrible at introductions whether it be at dinner, or a new classroom, or giving a presentation. Turns out that this feels exactly the same. Just what would you want to know?

Rachel standing in the yard with chickens behind her on the hill.

So here goes, this is a snapshot of my life right now: I’m happily married to an amazing fabricator and welder. We have four fantastic (and sometimes frustrating) children. My boys are the bookends at ages 16 and 11. The girls are in the middle at 14 and 15. I am a Humanities Teacher (combines English and Social Studies). 

We live in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, gorgeous but lonnnnnnnng winters. We’re switching over from working full time to Homesteading full time. A few years ago we cleared a section of our lot. We keep expanding our garden. This year we increased our chicken math and added ducks. I’m beginning to craft and blog for money, not just gifts and fun. 

Funny fowl


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