Do you want groceries delivered to your door!

Christmas in July, er, June with Misfits Market.

I decided to try it, this Misfits Market, after seeing it all through my FaceBook feed. And while I’m not an affiliate, I do have a referral code for you: Misfits Market.

the box from Misfits as it arrived.

A list is provided, as you order, what might be included in the box. I received about 1/2 the items. I really didn’t miss the eggplant, but we could have used the grapefruit… I didn’t weigh the box-it was a full armload. And, just look at this haul:

Looking into the just-opened Misfits box we see some cardboard take-out style containers, some veggies like broccoli wrapped in a plastic-type film, loose apples, and grape tomatoes in a plastic clamshell container.
The whole Misfits loot laid out on teh table: squash, broccoli, onions, grape tomatoes, kale, cucumber, red potatoes, lettuce, turnip...
the fruit basket with bananas we already had now filled with nectarines, apples, and guava.
Not the bananas, we already had those

Sweet onions

Baby red potatoes 

Grape tomatoes 

Mixed lettuce greens

Tender zucchini 

Broccoli crowns 







And a recipe card

There are a couple of size options. You can choose your frequency and which day of the week to receive deliveries. If you set up automatic deliveries, there is a price break.

I urge you to try it! I’m set for a delivery this size every two weeks for about $34 all included. Follow this link and we each receive a discount: Misfits Market.

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