Groceries delivered to your door!

Christmas in July, er, June with Misfits Market.

I decided to try it, this Misfits Market, after seeing it all through my FaceBook feed. And while I’m not an affiliate, I do have a referral code for you: Misfits Market.

A list is provided, as you order, what might be included in the box. I received about 1/2 the items. I really didn’t miss the eggplant, but we could have used the grapefruit… I didn’t weigh the box-it was a full armload. And, just look at this haul:

Not the bananas, we already had those

Sweet onions

Baby red potatoes 

Grape tomatoes 

Mixed lettuce greens

Tender zucchini 

Broccoli crowns 







And a recipe card

There are a couple of size options. You can choose your frequency and which day of the week to receive deliveries. If you set up automatic deliveries, there is a price break.

I urge you to try it! I’m set for a delivery this size every two weeks for about $34 all included. Follow this link and we each receive a discount: Misfits Market.

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