July Accountability Time:

Did you succeed with your June Goals?

I succeeded at the book challenge I did. I was on Team Athena on the Olympic Games. I completed all my mandatory challenges (barely) and almost all of the advanced challenges. I plan to do more challenges like this as I read more books for fun in June, instead of for reviews.

I did raise my Pinterest stats as I hoped. I had one amazing pin that really jumped my views. I wish I knew why it was so popular. However, while my numbers grew for June they will drop in July until I get another intense pin. 

I now sell my bags in 5 (soon to be more) physical stores. This also meant I did some crazy amount of sewing to complete 10-12 for each store.

I also: finished the school year and have a minimal plan for the fall; got started cleaning a bedroom out; preserved most of the 50# of beets I had found; have a majority of the garden weeded; resumed egg delivery to the cafe; and increased followers on all accounts.

What are your July Goals?

I hope to continue to increase my social medias. I will continue to focus on Pinterest and refocus on Facebook as I think that will see the greatest blog following increase. Meanwhile I need to continue promoting on Twitter and commenting on other’s blogs.

I hope to get another five stores, plus deliver more white bags to the stable. This also means I need to reach out and collect more bags.

I shall continue perfecting the resin flowers. My jewellery supplies (earring pieces etc) should arrive soon. 

I hope to expand our sewn sales to another two products.

I shall increase our online sales.

I shall finish the staggered planting in the garden and keep it fairly weeded and watered. 

I’ll explore finishing salts ( jalapeno and Merlot are first on the list). And continue dehydrating fruits and veggies as I can stock up. We will pick and preserve strawberries and raspberries.

I shall improve my health by drinking more water, eating more fruit, and being more active.

I shall stain the deck at camp. I shall deep clean the interior.

I shall bring the kids to a drive-in movie.

How did you do on your June goals? What are your July goals? What is your top goal (and a step to achieve this)?


  1. June was great! My july is very weak so far in terms of achieving my goals. Hoping to pick up from today 🙂

    COT | Changeoftomorrow.com

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