Virtual Vermont Be True Yoga Festival

Try Something New!

My dear friends, Rama Wes and Kyla Sita, of Mildale Farm Yoga Center, host the annual Vermont Be True Yoga Festival. My youngest daughter and I were able to attend the very first year of this festival. We camped overnight and attended a variety of activities from dancing to a yoga lesson on paddleboards on the lake (I did not pack the right bathing suit for that!). The craft booths and vendors had super cool stuff – she had her first henna tattoo, and we donated some birch bark to a woman who made gorgeous jewelery. The energy was amazing, the people were friendly, and we had a great time. 

This year, the yoga fest looks a little different. Gone is the energy of touching and physical contact and in its place is a redesigned festival. This year, like so many events, Vermont Be True Yoga is going virtual for their festival! The lively laughter will still be there, the fantastic array of all sorts of styles of yoga and dancing will be available to try. And who knows, maybe it will be easier for the introverts to do it from the safety of their living room or back yard! I personally would be terrible at a dance workshop this way, but far more willing to put myself into trying new styles of yoga. (Still not doing the headstands, I can’t get past the headache.)

Here is the line up (images from their website):

Friday schedule of events from essential oils to dance party.
Saturday schedule of events from Kundalini to concert.
Sunday schedule of events from Yin Yoga to Closing Ceremony and raffle.

I urge you to check out this festival! It is a fantastic way to try out all sorts of styles and a variety of workshops while supporting Rama Wes an Kyla Sita in their dream of supporting the community through Vermont Be True Yoga. Even virtually there is a full line-up of activities to explore. 

Find your tribe, Find your happiness! 

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  1. Thank you for brining this to my attention. I love yoga and would love to get into it more so will have a look at this festival! Thanks for sharing

    Love, Em x

    1. There are some amazing virtual events!
      When I had to take some college courses to my teacher licensure while working, I did online classes and loved it. I just did a bee keeping course online.
      A month or so ago I read a blog about a whiskey tasting event that was virtual (the whiskey was shipped to you prior to the event). It sounded super fun!

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