Book Review of Shaerlyn: Guardian of Eden

I just finished the book, Shaeryln Guardian of Eden by Yaacov C Lui-Hyden. I enjoyed this book. The prologue pulls you in swiftly, the scene vivid in my eyes as it matches so many of the memoirs and historical fiction I have read. The first chapter seems to entwine the mythologies of many cultures, but then begins a very Christian focus. 

Cover to Shaerlyn: Guardian of Eden

The Battle of Hastings in 1066 is the only date I remember from High School English classes but it came back to me at Chapter 4, when I suddenly realized where a portion of this story was taking place. The ethereal locations I had no relation to. Nor, did I know that dragons were sinful or demonic creatures. This book fantastically weaves together so many things the reader is familiar with as well as things never conceived of.

The character development of both Baby James and Shaerlyn is interesting. Also, other minor characters like Lucifer truly come to life with the vibrant description, but moreover through dialog. The baby doesn’t initially talk very much, but has internal dialog through his thoughts and observations. Dialog is one of the most difficult pieces, it can completely make or ruin a story’s believability. In this case, dialog strengthens the reader’s understanding and sets the mood.

My favorite part of the book, and really what kept my interest high, was the melding of so many myths and questions. About half way through the story, for example, we learn it was HE who deemed that Venus and Mars would no longer be available for human expansion. Another example would be how the Tree of Life is referenced throughout, but also the Tree of Knowledge and Tree of Life in Eden. 

Because the book is centered on Angels, Demons, and Imps, this book might not be accepted for all public school libraries. It does have battles, but no extreme graphic descriptions. There is no foul language. I would let any of my children read the book if they are interested. I believe the second book in this series, The Lord’s Archer, is due out in October 2020. 

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