About To Try Some Subscription Boxes

So I love our dinner kits that I get each week – three meals that I just cook with no planning and half the prep work (shopping and measuring) already done. I’ve been thinking about creating some subscription boxes of our own to sell, but I’ve never ordered any others. Time for research!

So step one was that I starting looking around on CrateJoy to see what ideas are popular. In doing so I see that they have affiliate positions available. So I applied. Today I was accepted. Time to shop!

We’re starting with this one, from FaceTory for the girls (two teenagers) and I to try together:

FaceTory – $8.90

from: Cratejoy

Chris and I are also trying a crime solving box for a monthly date.

Deadbolt Mystery Society – $24.99

from: Cratejoy

I’m also looking at this one:

Apothecary At Home – $113.97

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Have you tried any of these? Or any other subscription boxes? I know a few people who have subscribed to some make up boxes, but that isn’t my niche. Let me know what you have tried and what you suggest.

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  1. Cool idea! I’ve tried some meal kits too, and would love to know what other subscription boxes you like.

  2. I have a subscription to Therabox and it is amazing, also one for Raaka chocolate, they send three gourmet chocolate bars. 🍫

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