6 Of My Favorite To Be Read Challenges for 2021

Sometimes my reading falls in a funk and I go searching for a way to liven it up. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to read, but sometimes it seems that there are so many other tasks calling my name, that reading doesn’t get prioritized. But, if I suddenly have a deadline or challenge, then it might spark that fire to actually chill and read for a bit. I need that.

There are tons of challenges that are pretty open like a certain number of books read in twelve months. Or sometimes they are about x number of genres in y time. But, this isn’t quite my ideal. I want something fun! I mean, I always have a Goodreads goal of 100+, but I don’t always update my Goodreads…So here are some TBR (To Be Read) challenges that I think look like fun: 

a monopoly game board with a reading theme

2021 All Year

The Book-opoly Challenge by Sam@shewritesaboutbooks and Tiff@tiffthebooknerd started @that.tbrathon on Twitter and Instagram. This is for 2021, and as you might guess is a TBR challenge based upon the classic game of monopoly. The spots on the board have been changed to be genre themed and individual properties having more specific requirements. You may still land in jail, and there are the utilities (as settings) and chance cards as well. My co-worker is going to do this one with me. 

2021 All Year

The 2021 Beachcomber Mystery Reading Challenge is one I just found as I was writing this post. There are actually a couple challenges hosted by the same gentleman in Maine, but I chose the Beachcomber Challenge. In this you have 4 virtual beach bags and you try to “fill” them sort of bingo style. The gameboard (the bags) are provided on the website and as you read, you mark off when you find a “knife” or a “taxi” etc. In theory, once you start, you will have a cabana on the beach to sit in and read…when he first started the challenge he had some prizes available, but as this has become more popular AND as many don’t claim their prizes this is less the focus. The host, Rick Mills, actually sends you personal emails, as in, he actually reads your information when you sign up and starts a conversation with you!

2021 All Year

From the same gentleman who runs the Beachcomber Mystery challenge (above) is the 2021 Medical Examiner’s Mystery Reading Challenge. In this you are recording the number and forms of deaths in mysteries you read for the year. Each death will equal a toe tag (you want as many tags as possible), but to earn them you must fill out a coroner’s report. Rick Mills is the host of these cool challenges (and a couple more) at The Mystillery and he is very blogger friendly!

2021 All Year

I also found this long standing Virtual Mount TBR Challenge. I chose the virtual as I use my Kindle Unlimited and library books quite often for my reading – the virtual is for those of us who don’t own the physical books by January 1, 2021. In this challenge you climb books based upon the number you read, because this is the virtual challenge the mountains are fictitious from Mount Rum Doodle (12 books) to Mount Olympus (150+). As I am researching this, the sign up hasn’t been finalized, but I expect it shortly.  #VirtualMountTBR2021 

paperwork from Hogwarts listing the requirements of the OWLS exam

April & August

Last year I learned about a Hogwarts themed reading challenge just as it ended. This year I intent to complete my OWLS and my NEWTS through this Magical Readathon, but it doesn’t start until April. You can earn great scores on your Hogwarts’ exams and find a perfect magical career for yourself. Once having completed the OWLS in April, you can then go on to the NEWTS in August. There are twelve prompts for the OWLS, and thirty-six for the NEWTS.

The logo for the Olympic Games reading challenge. A spartan profile with the laurel crown in a circle.


Last June I learned about the Camp Half Blood themed challenge The Olympic Games. This was tons of fun and I just barely finished on time. Team Athena all the way! This had prompts based upon the team you joined. I really debated between Athena and Aries. Team Athena had a lot of long reads, but this is only fitting for the Goddess of Wisdom. And, it was pretty open so I was able to knock off a lot of books from my TBR list. The one I struggled to find, was a book with a bird on its cover – completely random, but it was difficult. I intend to support Team Athena again.

There are plenty more challenges, what are your favorites? Do you run a challenge? Comment it, I would love to make a resource list! 

Maybe even some accountability for how we are all doing on our challenges…


  1. Wow I have never even heard of reading challenges like these, what a great idea! I think I could enjoy something like this for sure. The monopoly and Harry Potter ones seem like the most fun to me personally! Thanks for introducing me to these!

  2. i have started the reading challenge,and i’m on my second book already! if you’re a fan of edgar allan poe,i’d recommend you to read his tales of horror. a bit of everything’s in there!

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