Book Review of Kings Warrior

I emphatically rate Kings Warrior by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt as five stars and would recommend it to any audience of YA reading level or above who is interested in fantasy. I read this book by listening to an audio version of it. This means the characters and the plot line must be exceptionally strong or I find myself distracted. Likewise a strong narrator is needed to read clearly. The only surprise I had from it being an audio book was that suddenly music erupted, I was not expecting it and found it startling, but I grew to like it. It was fantastic for working around the house.

Book cover of The King's Warrior

The plot line is steady and the dialog and actions believable. There is a lot of foreshadowing, but this helps us to adjust to and believe in the fantasy. There is no unnecessary or stilted dialog, instead it helps us to really understand the characters.

My favorite aspect of the story is the magical characters. First, some of these creatures who removed themselves from mankind are distrustful and angry at the humans. But moreover, it is the dragon personalities that I enjoy. So often in fantasy novels the dragons are portrayed as evil to be slayed or wise beyond years. In this story, the length of years leads to wisdom, and their sense of honor is there as we might expect, but there is also hot-headed rebellion and disgruntlement. The dragons are not all-knowing, nor the other magical creatures, and even they make errors or can be tricked. This lends a level of credibility not often felt with YA fantasy.


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