Best gifts of 2020 – worth repeating

I think we can all agree that the Holidays of 2020 were not normal. For so many they meant being alone or separated from others that normally celebrate with us. Many had a more permanent loss of a loved one. What most of us had were gifts. Maybe they were gifts that we bought for others. Some were bought for loved ones, some were bought for strangers in need, some were bought for ourselves. What were the best gifts?

Many parents receive the normal gifts of ties & socks, and mugs and lotions, but this year the comforts of pj pants, socks, and hand lotion are more in need for many of us: either those working from some or the essential workers who just need some TLC. 

So what was your best gift?

In a normal year, three things of hand lotion (from the same person, plus a fourth from another) might be a bit too much, but when you use hand sanitizer every. single. time. you switch rooms at work and you do that about 15 times a day, you need a lot of healing lotion. 

Two bottles of hand lotion and a bottle of hand sanitizer laid out on blue towel and white wash cloth.
Spa day? No, just everyday hand care

Hands down, the best gift received from me were the photo blankets that I gave out to my husband and children. I have been using Snapfish for years. And I have been getting their promotional emails for years. Occasionally, I open them. Once in a Blue Moon I actually follow a link in these emails. Back in November I actually intended to open the email for a code to buy the photo wall calendars – good grandparent gift, by the way. I found a coupon code for the photo blankets and decided to get one for each member of the family. My youngest opened his first and was utterly amazed that there was a photo of him on his ripstik on a blanket. The next blankets were opened by people who understood that photos could be printed on blankets, but were also appreciated for which photos were chosen. Guesses began flying wild for what the images would be on the last two blankets. Totally a hit!

photo blanket hanging offa bunk bed. The blanket is a photo of Seymour Lake at sunset.
Photo blanket showing Seymour Lake at sunset

What was your best gift given or received? I would love to know!

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