Side hustles are the new hustle – 4 easy, low cost side hustles for you

More and more people are leaving their jobs, or finding that their job no longer exists. These are finding a series of side hustles to make up their new income.

In no particular order, here are some that we found interesting:

With People

Lead a class at $25/head plus the cost of supplies
Do you know how to do something unique or craftsy or that others want to learn? Maybe it’s basic sewing tips, maybe it’s stained glass, maybe it’s harvest canning, maybe it’s felting. Find your hobby or skill that you can teach a 1-3 hours class on and then find the location that can host you. So many community centers, libraries, etc are hosting classes again. But look outside the box too. There are plenty of “[class] and Sip” events at pubs and bars, and other places that you would never really think of as a crafting location.
If it’s successful and you enjoy it, maybe this can be a whole series of classes that you teach. Remember doing it somewhere other than your home, means that someone else cleans up. However, you have to follow their rules about social distancing numbers, vaccine status, and masks.


A collage of our Mother's Day Gift Collection, including sunflower coasters, ice cream cozy, blueberry pie hot-mat, denim cutlery case, and reusable farm themed tote bags.Goimagine, Shopify, etsy, your own website… – these all allow you to work at your speed listing your items as you like, but take a percentage of your sales and may charge a listing fee. They also collect and remit sales tax for you if you like. You may find yourself in hot water if you sell any items that you are not licensed for, such as Disney or Harry Potter themed. Be honest and considerate and you can do quite well.

You may want to research SEO (search engine optimization) before you create your listings though. Awesome titles and strong description with plenty of keywords for Google to find, is key to making sales.

Freelancer, Upwork, & Fiverr

These are all similar platforms. On each you set up a profile and try to sell yourself and your freelance skills. Fiverr lets you create packages for buyers to browse and hire you to compete work for them. Freelancer and Upwork will allow you to do this too, but perhaps more helpful is that you the freelancer can browse thousands of jobs (filtering is available) to find what projects you want to bid on. You might bid on small 30 minute projects or several-month-long projects.

There are ways to set up multiple check points or milestones so you can be paid throughout the project, not all at the end. Also, when you are hired, the buyer pays up front, but that money is held in an escrow account. This protects both of you. You can find jobs from illustrating comic books to handwriting letters, proofing legal briefs to some kid’s college essay, beta-reading novels to ghost writing.

Passive Income

Passive income is pretty cool because you put the time in up front and then it is an asset that keeps earning for you. Perhaps you choose to “work it” and promote it to increase your income, but in general you can set it and forget it.


This is a new app in the Beta stages. You probably realize that your phone and tablet collects data on you (locations, favorites, general patterns of use), in fact you even agree to this with new apps as you download them. This app pays you for your data being collected and sold. Generally, it uses your location data, and pays you per location it recognizes that you were at.

This app struggles a bit with lack of service in rural areas, but even in the back country of Vermont I’m earning each month. Now, if you promote the app (so it’s no longer completely passive income) you can earn $ for each person you refer to the program. The best part? It’s free! You can choose to upgrade and potentially earn more, but free passive income is hard to pass up. Join my team here.


What is your favorite side hustle? We would love to know and share great ideas!


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  1. Using your skills to reach a class is a pretty good idea, although it wouldn’t be something I could do myself. I don’t think I have skills that’d translate to something interesting that people would want to learn about. Plus, not a fan of that kind of public speaking

  2. Great tips Ive been contemplating doing some sideworks too I set up my upwork account but not yet completed.

  3. I got my freelance writing start so many years ago when Upwork was originally oDesk! It’s been ten years, and I’ve been able to build up a steady career since then! These are great tips for side hustles!

  4. Great post! I am a very creative person and interior design is my passion, it brings happiness to my daily life. My side hustle is blogging about home decor and DIY projects!

  5. Love these ideas! There are several I have never heard of and will be checking out! Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. These are all amazing to side hustles ideas! I love the idea of a class but don’t think I would be able to speak top a large crowd. I would love to have a chance to use my writing, great idaas!

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