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I became an affiliate for Cratejoy, but I decided I had to try out products before recommending them.

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So I received my first subscription package from Facestory on Saturday. My youngest daughter worked a twelve hours shift that day though. The next day she worked a 6 hours shift, I was busy at home all day, and then both girls went out to eat – I forgot all about it. So Monday, even though my eldest daughter was gone, my youngest daughter and I each chose a mask. I had my eldest choose one when she got home the next weekend.

The package I received from Facestroy

The package was actually a bubble wrap envelope, a pretty pastel pink. The packaging as a whole would probably be cute, but the mailing label covers about 2/3 of the front, and there is another delivery label on the back. There were four different masks in the package. So the cost for the box isn’t cheaper than what I find in the store (about the same cost actually,) but the variety is different. There is one postcard style insert that says “4-ever fresh welcome edition”. The four masks are: an aloe, a green tea, acai berry, and a sparkle mask.

The actual contents that I received.

I chose the aloe face mask. After the past few weeks of wearing a mask all day long at school, I thought my face could use the soothing healing. I loved the smell: fresh, clean, and bright. I don’t like how sheet masks fit, but ignoring that, it seemed decent. The directions stated to wear it 10-20 minutes. After about 5-10 I could feel a little tingle under my eyes. I hoped it was hydrating goodness.

No one looks good in a mask like this.

Did I mention the scent? I loved the clean, soothing smell of this! The mask stayed nice and thickly wet for the full 15 I wore it. By the 15 minute mark I was tired of wearing it. The directions say to remove the mask and let the rest soak into your skin. I let it soak in while I brushed my teeth and removed my contacts, but then I wiped off the excess. A little after that, I did notice that my skin was nice and soft, and I could still smell the fresh aloe scent. I think I might have mentioned how much I like the smell…

My younger daughter liked the green tea mask but didn’t have any great comments about it. I think she would use it again, but wasn’t so wowed that she would search it out.

The eldest daughter couldn’t decide between the Sparkle and the Acai berry masks so I let her take both. Next month we’ll get another 4-5 so the younger daughter can choose an extra then. Also, the elder daughter likes the sheet masks more; the younger daughter and I prefer the ones that you rub on.

So we’re going to keep getting this Facestory package every month for at least a few months. I think there is something for everyone on Cratejoy, and we’ll be doing some Holiday Shopping there.

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