Author Interview with Meg Fitz

I “met” Meg Fitz while reading her Kindle Vella retelling of Hades and Persephone. It’s really good, you should read it! Read on here to learn more about her writing style.

I have a story

How did you know you had this series in you? I didn’t think I had a series. Twelve years ago, a story hit me when I was driving, what if I did a Hades Persephone retelling? What would that look like? Where could they go that they would be underground for six months? Quarantine became the obvious answer. I spent two years writing that book, sending it to beta readers, and getting it geared up for agents and the query process. I had done the query process before and had never landed an agent. But this one, I was sure, was marketable, fun, and filled a niche…Agents would pass, and even a small press passed on it. I was broken-hearted and closed my laptop for eight years. 

Then Covid hit, and I had a strange feeling that I had done this all before. And then I also started to read Lore of Olympus and Touch of Darkness… and I thought… WAIT A SECOND.  

This is awesome!

Why did you choose to use a series format?

Accidental Quarantine was completely written and ready to be uploaded. I knew this story was uniquely suited for Kindle Vella. The inciting incident (when they are exposed and kidnapped) happened during chapter 3, and it was the perfect cliffhanger for someone to click on chapter 4. Each chapter has a blend of humor, heart, and mystery that leaves the reader wanting more. None of my other books had been naturally formatted like that, so I had a gut feeling that it could be successful. 

I love that you had a story that was perfect to be a series, not that you had to edit it to become a series.

The process

What is your greatest challenge in writing? Sitting down and writing is the hardest part. I rarely have time to write to begin with, so I find the time to be sacred when I do. But there are many times (like right now as I am writing this) that I have the time to write, but my brain isn’t letting me, and I am focused on other things on my TODO list. 

Oh my gosh, yes! The frustration of actually having time, but so many other tasks cluttering my brain!

What surprised you in the writing process? I love filling plot holes, like adding one quick throw-away line and then months later, thinking about it and realizing that it can be connected to a larger plot or used for character development

This is when writing is like a puzzle and all the ways it can fit together.

Is there something in particular (a tool, a song, a planner) that you found constructive? Beta readers who will tell me the truth. If it sucks, I need to know.  

I know we tend to write what we know, but did you need to research this book? Author shame confession, I tend not to do a lot of research. My stories are character and plot-influenced. I usually develop ideas and research the bits and pieces I need to fill in the blanks.  

What else can you describe in your writing process?

I usually come up with an idea for a story from a dream I’ve had. My dreams are very vivid and stay with me all day. Even as I am writing this, last night’s dream of running away from zombies and hoping Kumail Nanjiani would save me with his boat is still haunting my head.  

It starts out with an idea and slowly grows. I usually am plot-based with jokes that I think will work. Then I add the characters.

Ready to share?

How do you know your piece is ready to be shared/complete? When I can read it and think, “ok, I’ve got something here,” Then I wait a few months, reread it, and if it’s still decent, I send it off to beta readers. 

Who is your expected audience? People who don’t know me in real life.  

Who has been your strongest supporter? I had an amazing writers supported group ten years ago, but now I feel like it’s just me. The Vella online community has been outstanding.  

If you could have any author (alive, dead, or fictional) read your book, who would you like to read it? Never meet your heroes… John Green wrote a whole book about that, well that and cancer.  

More details

What else is important to share about your book? Accidental Quarantine and its success on Kindle Vella are perfect examples of not giving up on your dreams. In a matter of two weeks, I discovered Kindle Vella, researched it, created a pen name, website, social media accounts, dug through ten years of files, found the best draft, and edited the book. By February 2, the first four chapters were up, and by March 4, it was either number one or in the top 15 of all of its tags. So don’t give up. I never believed it when I first started writing that it was all about timing, but it’s true.  

When can we expect more from you? I have a New Adult series called “the Plans Series” Book one Best Laid Plans is slated to come out in September. Or at least that’s my goal.  

Where can we find your book? Accidental Quarantine is out on Kindle Vella

Where can we find you? You can find me at

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