Author Interview with Tasha Creed

Tasha Creed was one of the first writers I got to know in an online community and then another and now we’re in quite a few of the same groups! She fairly bubbles over with ideas and is fantastic at encouraging other writers. I was very excited when she agreed to interview with me! Check out her books, if you enjoy fiction you’ll appreciate her work!

Seriously, why a series?

How did you know you had this series in you? 

My first Vella series was Curse of Time. I had previously written my first novel and had yet to publish at that time and I wondered about the market. How would it do? Would I do well? Could I actually be a writer?  I just knew I wanted to do this and I had to accomplish this for myself. 

I was new to all of this and just dipping my toes in to test the waters. Serialized is easier in some aspects because it is one episode at a time, though I usually write two to three at a time. I do have to keep a word document so I can keep up with all my ideas and where I left off last which sometimes is really challenging, but it’s not much different than writing chapters in a novel. 

Why did you choose to use a series format?

I chose the serialized format by chance just to see how I would do and if I was actually any good at writing. As previously stated, it’s not that much different than writing chapters in a book, but whereas you have to wait and release it altogether, with a series you can release by the chapter. Both can be challenging, but both have good parts to them as well.

I think you have found your answer. You are very good at writing!

What is your greatest challenge in writing? 

My greatest challenge is grammar. Sometimes I write how I talk and that gets very interesting in my books. You would think that what would challenge me more is something more serious, but it all boils down to grammar. 

Grammar is important though. Following the general rules it what makes it easy for the reader to be immersed in the story and not frustrated.

What surprised you in the writing process?

Something that surprised me in the writing process is the peace I have found in it. I rarely get writer’s block which is something I dealt with a lot when I was in school. I used to hate reading and writing, but after realizing I was no longer bound to what books I needed to read for school, I found my passion. 

Is there something that you found particularly helpful?

I have a planner and I use grammarly. All my episodes are jotted down on the days they need to be released and in the day section of my planner I write the due dates of when they need to be written by. It has helped me greatly in organization. I thought this year I could live without a planner, but that epically failed. Grammarly of course, helps with my challenges. 

I also listen to a lot of music. Sometimes my best ideas spawn from a song even though it has nothing to do with the song in particular.

I know we tend to write what we know, but did you need to do research for this book?

I honestly have not had to do research for any of my books except for names that were relevant in certain time periods. The coolest part was some names I didn’t know dated back that far. 

Tell us more!

What else can you describe in your writing process?

My writing process is usually listening to music and writing notes down in my notebook. I keep a notebook that I use to jot down character descriptions, time lines, and so forth. I usually do this while I’m writing as well so that way I don’t forget to after I’m done. 

How do you know your piece is ready to be shared/complete?

I’m a weird one about my work and honestly, the ending is usually what comes to mind first. So, honestly, I work backwards. Just like for my series The Alpha Race Chronicles, I knew where it would start and where it should end for each book, but I also know how book four is going to end already though only book one and two are released. The third hasn’t even begun in the writing stage yet. I have a commitment to The Shadow Pack Chronicles to complete before I can write it. 

Time to share!

Who is your expected audience? 

My books are able to be enjoyed for I’d say teen and up. 

By no means have I read all of your pieces, I would say that is accurate. Definitely high school and up, but some mature middle school, too.

Who has been your strongest supporter?

My parents and my son. He loves my stories and wants to be a writer like his mom. 

If you could have any author (alive, dead, or fictional) read your book, who would you like to read it?

Christine Feehan, Andrea Cremer or Stephanie Meyer. They are what started my reading addiction. 

Note to self, look up Christine Feehan, I don’t know of her.

What author, or book, or series most influenced you?

Stephanie Meyer. I got Twilight for my 19th birthday and I was instantly hooked. I got the other three for Christmas that year and devoured them in three days. As I’ve said, I wasn’t one to read or write, I absolutely hated it. We had AR reading and it was always something I didn’t like reading, so I got bored with it. Once I discovered other books, you could usually find me down the book aisle in Walmart finding my next read. Then, my parents got me a kindle and it was all over with but the crying. 

Next, I discovered Andrea Cremer and her series Nightshade. I loved her books so much and she was my first kindle purchase, though I had the first one or two in book form. Then came Christine Feehan and her dark series. 

Yup, we want still more!

Something else you can share with us?

I’m a single mother of one handsome young man. I love to drink coffee and to travel. I have a fairly large library of books, mostly on my kindle due to space restrictions. 

Kindle libraries are just as respectable! Not the same atmosphere, but just as worthwhile! My dream home may have a large cozy library, but for now I’ll use my kindle app.

What else is important to share about your book?

There will be more! 

In all seriousness, they are great story ideas. I’m sure not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you love shifters, vampires, lore and some romance, then these are for you. I don’t write anything I wouldn’t let my kid read. 

Still need more!

When can we expect more from you?

My latest book release was actually my first Vella Curse of Time in ebook format on March 11th. Soul Bound will be released in May. My two book series also have the next in series in progress. I’m also releasing new content for Shadow Soul, Rogue Alpha and Secret of the Wolf.

Where can we find your book?

All my books are available on Amazon. Links will be below.

Where can we find you?

I’m either in the Tennessee mountains or near the city in Georgia depending on the day. I can usually be found with a coffee and child in tow along with my laptop. I take it everywhere for the most part.

I loved the Smoky Mountains the one time I hiked them. Being a northern girl, I was not keen on the humidity though.

Though they can be found on amazon by individual links – my website is the go to place for all the links in one place.


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