Author Interview with The Spectra Crown Tales

Christie Powell is another author that I met through KIndle author and reader groups. She has a huge collection of books (The Spectra Crown Tales) for you to check out and I highly recommend that you check out her web page at the end of this interview to see descriptions and comparisons of her book, to see where you want to start reading!

Serial Fun!

How did you know you had this series in you? 

I combined two ideas for this series. One was a sequel to my YA fantasy series, Keita’s Wings. It used a retelling of the American Revolutionary War to explore the relationship between the humans and those who hide their abilities. The second idea was a series of fairytale retellings where the characters were all related. Combined, they make The Spectra Crown Tales.

I love how you combined these ideas!

Why did you choose to use a series format?

I had a rough draft of the first book ready when I first learned about kindle vella from my cousin. I decided that I had nothing to lose by releasing it on vella first. I always try to write each chapter with its own structure, including an exciting climax and a hook, so serializing it wasn’t a huge adjustment. As I go into season 2 of The Spectra Crown Tales, I’ll be writing it specifically with vella in mind, so the episodes will feel more episodic.

What is your writing style?

What is your greatest challenge in writing?

My greatest challenge is struggling to focus and not get distracted by other things, such as the internet.

I hate when I have the time to write and my brain just doesn’t focus! lol

What surprised you in the writing process?

I’ve been writing since I was eight, finishing manuscripts since high school, and first published just after graduating college, so my writing process has been growing with me. 

Is there something that you found particularly helpful?

I really like using story structure as described on KM Weiland’s blog, helping writers become authors. I wrote my first book without it, but I’ve been using careful structure ever since and it helps me write better and faster.

Research time

I know we tend to write what we know, but did you need to do research for this book?

Part of the reason I love writing fantasy is that I get to make everything up! That said, I do research sometimes.

If so, what was the coolest or most surprising thing you learned?

There were a lot of miracles during the American Revolutionary War, such as fog appearing at just the right time, or important people not being hurt when surrounded by bullets. I gave those things a magical explanation in this book.

History is truly made up of magically dramatic moments interwoven with the absolute mundane chance.

What else can you describe in your writing process?

Well, I’ve blogged the whole thing: TheSpectraBooks: My Writing Process (2021). In general, I like to take something huge like writing a book, and break it up into smaller and smaller pieces until it feels doable. 

Time to share!

How do you know your piece is ready to be shared/complete?

I’ll have several editing friends read over it first, and I make sure that I consider each suggestion.

Who is your expected audience?

I write fantasy, mostly for young adults and other readers who prefer the young adult feel. I also write for those who prefer clean–I usually have a romance subplot but no steam.

Who has been your strongest supporter?

My family, especially my husband and older children. My husband helps edit, and my older kids ask me to read each chapter out loud. They find plot holes, and I find where my prose doesn’t sound quite right.

Something else you can share with us, that helps the reader see you as a “real” person:

I live in the sunniest city in the world on a hobby farm, with goats and poultry. I’m a mom of four and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

More, we want more!

When can we expect more from you?

I’m working on season 2 of The Spectra Crown Tales, and I have at least twenty ideas for different seasons, so I’m not sure it will ever end. 

Where can we find your book?

You can find The Spectra Crown Tales here:

I also have a website page that compares the different books I’ve written, so that you can decide which to read first: 

Where can we find you?

Search “The Spectra Books” on your favorite social media, and you’ll probably find me. You can also go directly to my website at

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