Homesteading – Spring Catch Up

Spring is always busy on the Homestead and some years it is busier than others. Heck some weeks are busier than others and some days are just straight out, non-stop, busy. Second Time Around Homestead is almost always busy.

Wait! They’re Graduating Already?!?

We have three graduates this year, crazy huh? So there has been some planning and prepping for three different graduations, one party, two proms, an award dinner, and a Capstone presentation. It’s a little crazy and not my normal.

Farmers Market

I and other vendors still haven’t heard back from the Farmers Market that might start this Saturday, (but probably the following Saturday) so there is a little stress about whether to plan for that. I want plenty of inventory, but I want my inventory fresh, so only so much can be made ahead. There is pumpkin butter in the crockpot right now. I canned up apple butter and dilly carrots this morning. I’ll be sewing up the catnip toys and some more totes this week. I’ll bring freshly baked goods as well, but those will be made the day before along with the baked goods I make for the Cabot Harvest Hub (online farmers market).

I bought some last minute pansies when I bought chicken feed the other day and I have other flower seed to plant. These do double duty for me. I love having some flowers about the place to help the pollinators and make the homestead pretty. I also chose flowers that are edible for humans so that I can try adding them on iced cookies and maybe cupcakes. I need to start practicing with that, and I don’t think my family will mind.

General Homestead Life

However, today is a little chilly and rainy so my focus today has been  and is: housework, canning, animal care, and writing. I still need to can the pumpkin butter, but it is still simmering and thickening up. Laundry is hung, but there’s another load (isn’t there always?) to fold and deliver to bedrooms (the kids put their own away). The dog has been in his crate for about two hours so that I could work uninterrupted, he probably needs a stretch break soon. But really, I just want to write for the rest of the afternoon.

My Fiction Writing

I’m doing more and more with my writing now, so I finally broke down and made myself a cheat sheet of what I have scheduled for May. Obviously this doesn’t include social media, nor does it include two blogs that I partner in and my author blog.

Isn’t it pretty? It’s even color coded! The blue pen ink is for author interviews scheduled for this blog.  The colored episodes are for my four Kindle Vellas. Homestead Income is complete, and so there are no new episodes. Parallel Worlds and Through the Gate are both adult fantasy/romance stories. Growing Up As Fairies and the soon-to-release The Summer House are both children’s stories. I would love for you to check them out and let me know what you think!

The Kindle Vella Series

Homestead Income  – Are you looking to be self-sufficient? Do you want your hobby homestead to be less of a hobby? The first three episodes are free, the rest of the episodes are only pennies each to unlock. 

Check out this beautiful, fairy adventure story for family bedtime. Children young and old will love the friendships and adventures in The Meadow in this series Growing Up As Fairies!

Parallel Worlds – Living in two parallel worlds Arichel is pretty content with her life. But then everything is upended when she’s challenged to a duel and suddenly children are threatened. Does the prophecy hold the key? Probably, but who knows just what it means!?!

Through The GateThis adult fantasy crosses the thin veil between the world we know and the world of magic & power hidden just under the surface.

The Summer House – The Little People are excited to move out of the Big Human house for the summer and enjoy their summer cottage. Definitely not pets and not to be confused with fairies, these little people spend the summer foraging and finding treasures, while also preparing for a long winter staying hidden in the Big House. Mom, Dad, four kids, and a lot of friends enjoy living in their cottages just out of sight of the Big Humans. 

Join the adventure in this children’s fantasy book as a family bedtime story!

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