Author Interview with Daiesha Bobbitt

Welcome to another author interview. I love this series an i hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. I love to see the different perspectives, challenges and techniques. I also love when the author is brought forward as a “real” person and not this writer behind a desk up on a pedestal. Let’s jump right in to this interview with author Daisha Bobbitt!

Series Premier

How did you know you had this series in you? And, why did you choose to use a series format?

-Originally I had been writing in middle school in high school but felt that my stories didn’t have any emotion in them. When I began to go through life changes writing is what kept me forward and focused. I began to write my emotions and the response was amazing. By my second year of college, I started to write stories but the spark from before had been missing. Even in my second novel, it was. It was this story when I combined my old practices and started to not do an outline but just go with the flow, my writing for this story became better.

What is your greatest challenge in writing?

-My greatest challenge at times can be originality. There are times when I’m writing and I go over a part only to see it’s similar to another of my stories or that it reminds me of something I’ve read or watched. To combat that I take breaks from shows and listen to a music playlist I make that reminds me of something the characters in the story would listen to.

I know we tend to write what we know, but did you need to do research for this book?

-Most definitely, research is important. Some stories I write are based on real places. To me, it’s important to research where your characters are going. In the story, The Light of Night, a lot of the planned architecture for the buildings and castles is based on gothic architecture. So something interesting I’ve learned from it is that the St. Sophia Cathedral in Nicosia, Northern Cyprus is one of the largest and oldest buildings apart from gothic architecture at the age of about 803 years old.

More about the process

What else can you describe in your writing process?

-Normally I think of an idea to get me going in the next chapter. Then I began to write anything from the top of my head. There are many times when I would think and take a break. Once I return I would go over what I have so far and if I like it continue but if not go back over it. Eventually, I read over everything, improved the grammar, and did a spell check. 

This seems a reasonable process. I do something similar although on th reread if I don’t like it and don’t have an immediate fix, a lot of times I set it aside to rework it in later.

How do you know your piece is ready to be shared/complete?

-I usually know my piece is ready to share while writing the next chapter. If I feel comfortable with the plot so far in the upcoming chapter then I don’t mind posting the one before.

Who is reading?

Who is your expected audience?

-My audience is usually young adults but can be for adults of any age 

Who has been your strongest supporter?

-My strongest support reading-wise and promotion-wise have to be the Kindle Vella community. They helped so much with their support and interest that it makes me happy to write on Kindle Vella.

If you could have any author (alive, dead, or fictional) read your book, who would you like to read it?

-I believe I would have King Sawyer read my book due to his interest in fairy tales.

Dang, you just added another name to my TBR, I’m not familiar with Sawyer.

What author, or book, or series most influenced you?

-What influenced my novel is not actually an author, book, or series but a music artist named Sakuzyo and their song Arkadia. I found the song out of curiosity and decided to listen to it. In seconds my mind filled with a strong female lead who rode horseback and fought for her kingdom. Before I knew it I had been writing as much as I could for the story.

I have a scene with a duel that was inspired similarly. It was so much fun! I still use that song for inspiration when I feel stuck.

Tell us more about you

-In my free time I do love to play the Sims 4. It’s something that distracts my mind and seeing how realistic everything is yet funny at times makes me comfortable.

More about your book

What else is important to share about your book?

-Something I do love about my book is that she is a black female lead. In fantasy whether bookwise, manga wise, or even comic wise we usually don’t get to see much representation of people who look like us. To be able to create something that someone can see and even relate to is amazing.

That’s fantastic. I hope these become widely popular in school libraries and classrooms!

When can we expect more from you?

-Hopefully soon. Right now I don’t have a set schedule for this story and it helps keep the ideas flowing so I’ve been putting out chapter after chapter. 

We want more of you!

Where can we find your book?

-You can find my book on Kindle Vella and hopefully soon Kindle publishing and e-books.

Where can we find you?

-You can find me on Instagram and Twitter as 21_wishes_in_a_dream which is also an old writing pen name of mine but you can also find me on Facebook and Kindle Vella as Daiesha Bobbitt.

-here is the link to my story


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