ARC Book Review of CA Love’s The Last Babysitter: Requiem

Chris Love was kind enough to mail me a copy of his new novel, The Last Babysitter: Requiem

This was an amazing book. The chapters are short so it’s so easy to say “just one more” as the action rushed you through the story. I read this is almost one sitting (if I didn’t have family to care for, it would have been a single seating).

The cover art immediately pulled my attention, but as soon as I began to read the character development and action captivated me. It’s hard to know whether to feel bad for the main character or to fear her just a little. Pan is a fantastic character and perhaps my favorite. But even characters that appear for only a page or two (like the nun) are vivid and jump right to life.

The world building is just as strong. There are teh surface details of suburban life that are immediately recognizable, but more than that are the paranormal or horrific details. He paints graphic horror scenes without extreme gore or ick, so it’s perfect for those without a strong stomach who want a little terror.

Move this book right to the top of your TBR pile. It’s a quick ride that is truly enjoyable. I look forward to reading more of CA Love’s work!

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