Second Time Around Homestead

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Book Review of Second Son

As soon as I started listening to this second book, I immediately felt like an old friend was reading to me. Mr Fife has such an expressive voice for the different characters, but reads through the descriptions so smoothly that one can just slip into the scene and be immersed in the story. He is one of my favorite narrators!

March Trope-ical Reading Challenge

but suffice it to say there are up to 13 Common Challenges for everyone to complete as they like, 2 specific team challenges, and a “required” reading book. Beyond that, you can earn points based upon the number of pages read.

Virtual Lucky Leprechaun Craft Fair!

Spring time is coming!! But while we are still stuck inside lets have some fun and do some shopping!! Get ready for spring and add some unique items to those Easter baskets!!We have a FANTASTIC list of vendors and crafters! VENDORS🍀🍀Ruby RibbonColorStreetScentsyPure HavenPampered ChefAudrey the Kitchen WitchMagnabilitiesSeaglass Gifts by JamieOily Lady CreationsSecond Time Around HomesteadFawns … More

How to start homesteading: 6 simple starting points

Chances are if you ask twenty homesteading families what the parameters are to be termed “homesteading” you get twenty slightly different answers. You need to develop your own answer to this. To me, homesteading is to make your home as self-sustaining as you choose, incorporating your land and your skills to be less reliant on others and stores. This will look different between you and I or myself and my friends. That’s OK. There is no “right” answer although there might be a lot of “wrong” ones. Your “right” answer is what works for you at any given time.

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