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Drop that 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss

So many people want to be their own boss, but it is a scary thing. Certainly I suggest having a plan before you start and having money in savings or having another sure income stream while you get started.  In our case, I started working on some side hustles before giving up my 8-4 job … More

Cover art for The Dream Experiment. Mostly black with red gold lettering and teh shadowing outline of head and torso of someone with yellow light coming from their forehead.

ARC Book Review of The Dream Experiment by C. L. Currie

I just finished reading an advanced copy of The Dream Experiment by CL Currie. She graciously allowed me to make notes right on a copy of her book. I LOVED having that interaction with the author! This is a fantastic book that I highly recommend for middle school students. The language and scenes are PG13 … More

Book Review of Leverage Meditation by Teddy Ortega

I was given a complimentary copy of the book, Leverage Meditation: Redefine Your Life’s Purpose, by the author Teddy Ortega. I absolutely recommend this book to someone looking to improve their self-direction and visioning of themselves. This is not your standard How-To meditation book focusing on sitting comfortably on a cushion and emptying your mind … More

To my friends in Texas

This was copied from a Facebook post, but I wanted it seen elsewhere: I know we’re strangers, but you’re safe here and safe with me. I want to help. Contact me if you need help with your health or safety. My messages are always open. To all of my friends in Texas who may find … More

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