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Looking for some hot reads?

I have some new book recommendations for you! We all need new books to read, even if we don’t need new books because we have, um, piles. I love virtual books for this reason! So much less clutter. I have learned that writing these books isn’t actually the hardest part, it’s the marketing that I’m … More

Author Interview with Synthia Stone

Synthia Stone, author of Summer Lake Heat is an amazing member of the Kindle Vella Community. She’s quick to share ideas and strategies with other authors and weaves an amazing tale for us readers!    Seriously, why a series? How did you know you had this series in you?  I didn’t! I thought I wanted … More

Author Interview with BY Simpson

BY Simpson is a Kindle Vella author as well as a KDP author (full length books in “regular” format). She does a great job with world building and bringing her characters to life. Plus, she’s a positive member of the Vella Community! Let’s get to know her a little more:   Why a series, this … More

Author Interview with Bethany Gates

Today’s author interview is with Bethany Gates, an author of comedy and drama. I found Ms. Gates on Kindle Vella, and I’m so glad she has joined us for this interview! Seriously (or not) why a series? How did you know you had this series in you?  Many career choices are cut and dry. Go … More

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