Amazon Prime might be my addiction!

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Even before Coronacation, I ordered a bunch of stuff off Amazon. There just aren’t many stores that have the craft items, or the clothes, or the technology I want that are local. And, they deliver free to my door! And, the prices are great! Now that we aren’t supposed to go out for anything nonessential, I am using Amazon almost every day. (Full disclosure, as I edit this post for grammar and fluency, I am adding in links for affiliate sales. I began writing this before being accepted into Amazon’s program, but now if you click on a link I refer, I may make a small stipend. Following my links do not affect your price in any way.)

For example, I love (and have loved) Amazon Pantry! With six of us needing snacks and/or bagged lunches five days a week, a variety of snacks is nice. I totally love supporting my local grocer, but after a few months we are completely bored with all the crackers and pretzels in our local stores. We are a little limited because of food allergies, but still, we want more. Amazon gives me more! We found these cool nut-free seed mixes. And these Combos are a better deal than I can get at the local store. I do a mix of big boxes and bag it out myself (usually cheaper) and buy up great prepackaged deals. Then, I started getting more and more pantry items delivered. My husband found it shocking the day that he opened a box to find a twenty pound bag of cat food delivered. Same price, but delivered to my door – well yeah!

Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc are hard enough to find for some people, even more so when you are limited to a dollar store, grocery store, and drug stores. Hello, Amazon! All sorts of things here have entered our house as gifts from reusable straws to a double hammock, to a cool chain.

Clothes are hit or miss when you buy them online, but we’ve done ok with Amazon. More successful are the gadgets and phones. Completely random things are carried by Amazon, who knew, for example, that you could buy welding rod there?!

And crafts! I buy more items through Pantry, but I love the crafts and books the most. I just made some adorable sunflower coasters from this yellow and brown yarn on Amazon. I now make my snowman hats from this thick white yarn, it works up so much faster. And I have bought miles of this heavy duty thread for my bags. Other craft things like needles, hooks, scissors, elastic, fabric, it’s all there. 
I mentioned books above. Most of my reviews listed here are books I read on my Kindle. I started Kindle Unlimited about two months ago, and I love it! I definitely consider it worth it if you are a voracious reader, basically you pay a small fee each month and you have TONS of titles that you may borrow. There is a limit to how many Unlimited titles you may borrow at any given time, but no limit I have seen to how many times you can borrow them.


  1. Yes, it is really useful during these times. So much is available. I hooked to it. I really want to get a Kindle once everything starts getting normal. Really need one. Thanks for this amazing post.

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day

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  2. I am just now finding out how amazing Prime is! I received a free trial for 30 days, but there’s no way I’m going to let it end! Of course I will pay for it because it actually will save me so much money in the long run! This post is great, it gave me some ideas of things to shop for now that I have Prime 😁 I love your blog, by the way! I’ve always wanted to start a homestead, but I’ve been a little hesitant to take the plunge!

    1. Take the plunge!!! Frustrating and exhausting on some days but so satisfying!
      I LOVE Amazon Prime (and Audible and music, and Unlimited). Savings on shipping alone pay for the membership. I’ve had it for years.

  3. We‘re naughty. We‘ve had Prime for a few years and Kindles since they first came out. Three family members all share the same unlimited account, so we are always at our max for books on loan. Unfortunately, the groceries offered isn‘t up to snuff here yet – we struggle to find a local supermarket with pick up or delivery too – but we did see an increase in prime purchases at the start of our Coronacation. Like you, most of it was craft supplies and small gifts to keep our daughter occupied. We also have prime TV and I think 8 Alexas. Does that make us addicts?

    1. Sounds like you are as much as we! 😁 I love a Prime! My Unlimited is almost always maxed out, too.
      I understand what you mean about groceries. I just tried ordering from another company that is more organic based. Still no fresh options. The only fresh food I can have delivered is meal kits, which tend to be more expensive.
      My local grocery store does offer ordering online and curbside pick up. But that got overwhelmed during Coronacation and it was requested to allow those most at risk to use it.

      I wonder how much less I would order if I had to pay shipping? That simple $5-10 an order has had me order $100’s more probably…

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