Week Long Eco-Friendly Mindset Challenge

7 day eco-friendly challenge – Day 1

I think we all know little ways that we can be more eco-friendly. And many of us, choose little ways for ease or laziness that are not environmentally friendly too. I know I’m a mix of both. So here’s a challenge for you: Let’s take 7 days and think about our choices. Each day I’ll give a short prompt with my thoughts and I would love your comments back. Easy-peasy, right?

Day 1, why do you want to be more eco-friendly? What is your biggest challenge? One of my habits that I would like to change is purchasing less single-use containers. One easy way for me to do this would be to develop the habit of bringing small, reusable bags to the fresh veggie/fruit section to the market. I have the reusable market totes for the bulk of the groceries  (look, I make my own, or email me for directions to sew your own), but I forget smaller ones for ears of corn, asparagus, tomatoes, etc.


  1. I definitely want to be more eco-friendly, we all need to make an effort and do a small contribution to help living in a more sustainable planet. There are many things I‘m trying to change. For instance, I choose glass over plastic or tin products and re-use the glass containers for multiple home purposes. I am also transitioning into clean beauty, which is not only good for the health but also for the environment. One of my current challenges is replacing conventional house cleaning products for eco-friendly ones.

  2. I try to be eco-friendly in many little ways, we all need to make small changes to contribute towards a cleaner and more sustainable planet. For instance, I buy glass instead of plastic or tin packaged products to then re-use the glass containers for multiple home uses. I‘m also replacing conventional beauty products for clean beauty ones, which is not only healthier but also better for the environment. My current challenge is to replace house cleaning products for eco-friendly versions.

  3. Hi, SecondTimeAroundHomestead!
    Thanks a lot for following Suitcase Travel blog!
    Your post is very encouraging.
    Yes, eco-friendly lifestyle is very important for all of us. I already use reusable shopping bags and now changing my plastic containers for glass ones.

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