Week Long Eco-Friendly Mindset Challenge: Day 2

We began this journey yesterday. Go back to yesterday’s post if you want or just jump in now: I think we all know little ways that we can be more eco-friendly. And many of us, choose little ways for ease or laziness that are not environmentally friendly too. I know I’m a mix of both. So here’s a challenge for you: Let’s take 7 days and think about our choices. Each day I’ll give a short prompt with my thoughts and I would love your comments back. Easy-peasy, right?

Day 2 Let’s think about our meals. It is so easy to buy prepackaged foods to grab and go, or to stop at a drive-thru for something easy. This week, starting today (and maybe today is buying the foods and prepping it for tomorrow) replace one of those grab-n-go with something you put together at home. 

I do use Goldfish ® crackers for my kids’ school snacks, but to be more eco-friendly, I buy the great big box (4 kids means we will use it all), and then divvy it out into smaller containers for their school bags. On a “fail” day I use disposable snack baggies, which may or may not make it back home to be refilled. On a “win” day, I use reusable containers and hopefully get them back by the end of the week to reuse. (I intend to start making my own reusable snack bags/pouches, sign up here for the directions once I have a solid pattern.)

This week, I am going to work on prepping my breakfast foods the night before so I can grab n go something healthier. Have any of you succeeded for more than one day with the overnight oats? These sound great, but I never follow through.

Tell us one new thing you will do this week to avoid the prepackaged or drive thru.


  1. When travelling for some years, I have always took my packed lunch and drinks. Although I have had that takeaway drink mid stop one time. But i changed that and took my own.

    I do overnight oats regular. I always vary what I put in it, so it’s different every day.

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