Week Long Eco-Friendly Mindset Challenge: Day 6

We already started this challenge and you can go back to this post to catch up, or just jump in now. I think we all know little ways that we can be more eco-friendly. And many of us, choose little ways for ease or laziness that are not environmentally friendly too. I know I’m a mix of both. So here’s a challenge for you: Let’s take 7 days and think about our choices. Each day I’ll give a short prompt with my thoughts and I would love your comments back. Easy-peasy, right?

Day 6 Brainstorm the gifts that you are giving for the year. 

Yes, you will be purchasing some items, for those that you will buy, start looking ahead of time so that you can not only fit your budget best, but also find the options that save the world, whether it be better materials or even just more eco-friendly packaging and shipping.

Now, let’s think about gifts that are not purchased. Sure, if you are crafty you can make many gifts with some preplanning and time management (this is my goal). Not everyone is crafty though. With pre-planning can you attend some local craft fairs, farmers markets, and find amazing gifts? This way you support small artists and the local economy, but also save the packaging and shipping from larger corporations.

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