Winter 2021 Homesteading Accountability

Homesteading is one of those things that doesn’t really lead to resolutions. It’s more about plans and dreams and the steps of how to achieve them. However, we still need to be accountable for our actions (or in-actions) and consistently re-evaluate. 

You may remember what we wrote in the fall here. I was in the process then of moving the firewood inside and finishing up the garden. I’m happy to say those two huge things are done. Though I might have taken some time off to not stack the last cord of wood and it’s just sitting down in the basement in a heap. It’s actually on the list for tomorrow. My excuse today is that the ice fishing equipment is in the way, but when they take that out to go play tomorrow, I’ll have a clean spot to move the wood to. It actually does make sense, and it’s a handy excuse. The past two months were just me being sick of it. 

Part of this week’s tasks is also cleaning out the basement again. I had been saving a bunch of boxes for Christmas gifts, and then I got a whole lotta packages, so it’s time to disburse some of those. With plenty of snow on the ground, it’s a good time to pile up the cardboard in the fire pit and enjoy some flames outside. I think I even have marshmallows! Getting that wood moved and the boxes lessened will make a huge difference. Then, using the remainder of the boxes to reorganize what’s down there and we’ll all feel a bit better with a cleaner basement.

Home Improvement

The husband and youngest boy just put down new tile in the bathroom (there might have been an issue with a puppy destroying the already damaged linoleum that had been in there). A shelf was removed, which isn’t handy, but makes it look so much better. And, new toilet was also installed. Now it’s really obvious that we need new paint. Should have done that before the floor, but didn’t think of it. 


This week I applied to a local Winter Farmer’s Market. Because of Covid concerns this market is all pre-order, with delivery/pick-up for just an hour every other Saturday. Definitely a good way to get our feet wet. Right now I would rather be updating our website to be more order friendly, but I need to write for the blog and work remotely for school…

I kept doing some online sales as mentioned in that Autumn Accountability post. Between that and promoting through our social media, I ended up a bit in the weeds before Christmas, but had a good holiday season. We’re continuing with online events and promoting our own website. I think even the Farmer’s Market can benefit our Subscription boxes. 

Fun Stuff

I also had a chance over Christmas break to try out two new sewing patterns. I’m happy with my first attempts at each, but need to smooth out a detail or two with each. In both cases, I used up-cycled denim (pants beyond repairing)) for the heat protection layer. The bowl cozy only needed thread bought. The pie potholders required the purchase of  pretty fabrics, thread, and binding. So the pies cost me more, but I think they may sell well once I fix my “crust” making abilities. Just like my real pies!

First attempt at a “pie” hot mat.

Seed catalogs are starting to come in. This means fun dreaming and practical need-to-do. I learned a few things with the greenhouse last spring, so I have higher hopes for this year. And, having learned from the jar shortage last year, I’m already ordering jars for this year. I just got a couple cases of 8 oz jars, waiting on the 16oz. These are for the fruit butters and small preserves. I’ll be getting some large ones for pickled carrots, dilly beans, etc. I’ve never made the pickled carrots, but I think my family will like them. I’m more of a bread and butter sandwich slice girl. What is your favorite pickle?


Next year at this time, I hope that we are doing most of the same things. Ok, yeah, the wood should have already been totally finished, but mostly the same: crafting, reading, writing, caring for animals,…But hopefully next year will just be this and not also working for other people. The dream is for all these small steps now to allow us to make that big step for the future.


  1. Happy new year! The pie hot mat is adorable! Looks like you guys got tons of snow there. I’m glad you were able to get the word taken care of to stay warm. I remember my grandpa spending all summer and fall cutting and splitting and stacking it…

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