First Week of January 2021 Reading Challenge Updates

Blogging tools: a stack of books and an ipad

While my intention may be to update my progress on Reading Challenges each week, I will definitely need your help to remember!

To be fair, I feel a little like I cheated with my two completed books of the year as they are far shorter and simpler than my normal reading. But, I justify it by the fact that I not only read them, but I am also guiding students reading through them, so there is an awful lot of analysis of character, inference, predictions, etc. 

As a reminder, my current challenges are ones that run through the year, there are two others starting in April & June:

Goodreads challenge: 100

Book-opoly for a game of monopoly with each square being a genre or challenge.

2021 Beachcomber Mystery Reading Challenge  I technically could have used a mystery I read the last week of December, but I chose to start January 1st. In this challenge you pack your bags with mystery characters, scenes, weapons, and victims. The added challenge is finding one for (almost) every letter of the alphabet.

Likewise, this 2021 Medical Examiner’s Mystery Reading Challenge could have been started the last week of December, and I did read a book full of murders, but I chose to start January 1st. If this is your genre, get ready to start filling out toe tags!

There are two versions of this, I’m completing the virtual one, Virtual Mount TBR Challenge. Keeping track of these peaks will help me keep track of my Good reads challenge too, I sometimes forget to update on that. #VirtualMountTBR2021 I just learned that there is a group for this on Goodreads! Joined.

So, for Bookopoly, I have completed the book A Boy No More by Harry Mazur for my Random Challenge card (I had prewritten YA fiction that a student is reading). And I chose the first book in the Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah Maas for my Fantasy World square, “read a book set in a fantasy world”. I have the rest of the month to finish and may need all of it. I have a harder time doing audio books as there are many things I do that I can’t have the audio playing , whereas “print” can be picked up for a few minutes here and there. I did fall asleep to it the other night…

For the Virtual Mount TBR Challenge, I am using A Boy No More, but also Fantastic, Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl. I borrowed both of these books to read with students. 

I have five other books to add to the Virtual Mountain Challenge eventually that I am also reading with students. I’m fairly confident that I may be able to use three of these other borrowed books for the Beachcomber and Medical Examiner challenges as well.

Your turn: What books have you read or are you reading? Are you in any of these challenges, I would love to hear about your progress!!


  1. Thank you for sharing these challenges. They look like a great way to keep reading interesting! I am currently reading Karin Slaughter’s Will Trent series, which is a mystery/detective series.

    1. Ooh, I used to read a lot of mystery detective books. I’ll have to check out this Will Trent series.
      The Beachcomber challenge might be good for you if you read a lot of this genre.
      Thank you for stopping by!

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