ARC Review of The Cupcake Cowboy: Book 1 of The Nashville Singles Series

bright pink iced cupcake with a blue background and the title of "ARC Revie of A Cupcake Cowbow"

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of The Cupcake Cowboy By Rose Rayne Rivers to beta read. I enjoyed it so much, I offered her an ARC review. This is not a YA book, although I would argue to have it in any public library. It is a steamy romance, but the build up has a real plot. There is some dialog and some scenes that made me laugh right out loud because they were so real and down to earth. It isn’t hard to guess that the main character is going to hook up with the stunning blue eyed man we meet in the beginning (I mean it is a romance novel), but the twists of the story are fun and sometimes unexpected.

bright pink iced cupcake with a blue background and the title of "ARC Revie of A Cupcake Cowbow"
At the time of posting this review there has not been any cover art chosen. This was created just to capture attention to this ARC review.


The characters are pretty vivid from the first times we see them, but Ms. Rivers does an excellent job of continuing to grow these characters. While some of the development is what we hope for and expect (how awful would it be for them to not share amazing kissing abilities?!?), there is more to the characters that is unique and layered to create deep, meaningful relationships.

In full disclosure, one of my comments as a beta reader was that I found the amount of tears a bit off putting. Ms Rivers can handle that comment in any number of ways. I love the juxtaposition of such a strong character frequently crying in sadness, in rage, and even in happiness, but…I want the whole woman to release her emotions in other ways, too. Worst case scenario, that the author doesn’t change a word about the tears, I still think this is an amazing novel with dependable and vibrant characters. Even if I knew she added another teary scene, I would still recommend the book.

As I said, I received an ARC book, so I have no idea when this book will be available for you to read, but I definitely recommend that you remember Rose Rayne Rivers and her novel The Cupcake Cowboy. Do not look for it with this image that I have used, as I just chose a random cupcake image and slapped it on a blue background. Ms Rivers will have amazing cover art when she is ready. But do look for it at all your favorite book retailers.


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  1. Oh! I can’t wait to check out The Cupcake Cowboy when it comes out. Thank you so much for the review. It sounds awesome!

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