Week Long Eco-Friendly Mindset Challenge: Day 3

We already started this challenge and you can go back to this post to catch up, or just jump in now. I think we all know little ways that we can be more eco-friendly. And many of us, choose little ways for ease or laziness that are not environmentally friendly too. I know I’m a mix of both. So here’s a challenge for you: Let’s take 7 days and think about our choices. Each day I’ll give a short prompt with my thoughts and I would love your comments back. Easy-peasy, right?

Day 3 If you look in my fridge (just don’t! lol) and see there are many reusable containers. The only single use containers are things bought that way, or the bags I use to marinate meat in. Today I am going to look for glass containers to purchase to do my future marinating in. Now that my kids are older, I think I can replace my multi-use plastic with the much longer-multi-purpose glass. I may still use plastic bags for the meat that I freeze with marinade (I’m not sure how I could avoid freezer burn in a larger container, the bags I squeeze out the extra air).

What is one thing that you can replace in your kitchen to be more eco-friendly? Maybe you don’t have the budget today for new items, but seriously start researching. What are you looking at?

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